Recliners are most commonly known as relaxation chairs, but there are plenty of other places where they fit perfectly. One of those locations is the office. You’re working, typing away, sometimes for hours and do you want to get up all sore and only then realize you should’ve been sitting in a better position? Of course not. These are the recliners best suited for the office.



What should you look out for?

When you’re in the market for an office recliner in particular, there are a few things you should focus your attention on before buying. Here are a few of them.




This should be a very comfortable seat for you. Oftentimes, we’re sitting in our offices for hours at a time. Just like how you need a performant computer for your long hours at work, a great seat is just as important. You want to make sure that this recliner will keep your back straight and enables you to perform in optimal typing position. If you’re slouching and/or in an awkward position, you could cause some serious damage to your body over the long run.




The importance of the materials of your office chair is underrated. Anytime you’re doing something for a long period of time, even the smallest details matter. If your chair is made of a certain polyurethane leather and you’re a particularly hot/sweaty type of person, the temperature of your body can get quite hot. These are some of the many things you should look out for.




You’re getting an office chair here, not a new car. Of course it’s up to you how much you spend on an item such as this, and we suggest buying according to your financial capabilities! Most good recliners aren’t that expensive nowadays so you shouldn’t be worrying about this too much.




Flash Furniture Contemporary Black Leather Recliner

This Flash Furniture office recliner is fantastic. It’s a moderately comfortable chair that comes with an ottoman (see image) and full swivelling rotation. This might not be a chair for heavier individuals though, we feel that it’s somewhat weak/fragile. If you’re average or below average size, this chair will be just fine for you. Even for above – average folks this chair should do fine, we just don’t think it’ll work between you and this chair if you’re built like Shaquille O’Neal. Other than its slightly weak frame, it’s a good chair for most people who will be spending a few hours in the office.





Flash Furniture BT-7818 Contemporary Black Leather Recliner

This is like the big brother of the chair above except this recliner works out. This recliner is absolutely magnificent. It positions your lower back and legs in just the perfect way and it doesn’t judge your weight. This model is great for even those on the heavier or stockier side. This model also comes with its own ottoman and swivelling rotation. We feel that it is totally worth the price and that this recliner should last you a very long time. Although it doesn’t feature much else, less is most definitely more in this scenario.





Massaging Black Leather Recliner With Ottoman

If you’re a fan of massaging chairs, then you are in for a treat with this office recliner. What’s better than a massage whilst also being productive and getting work done? This recliner also comes with its own ottoman and swivelling rotation, but unlike the other’s, this chairs main feature is its massaging capability. We’ve had limited time with this recliner but truthfully I must say that the massaging on this recliner is terrific – especially for something that’s meant for the office. The price of this recliner is great too; it reclines, it swivels, it massages, you can’t go wrong with this recliner!






We spend a lot of our days sitting down and working in an office. If you care about your back and your future health, you should consider just how well your current chair is treating you. If it’s anything less than good, you need a change. We’ve selected what we feel to be the best office recliners and brought them all in one place for you. If you’d like to see the best overall recliners of this year, click here to be taken to that page.