Who doesn’t love a good massage once in a while? Isn’t it even nicer to know that it’s free and all you have to do is take a seat? With the right recliner, this is totally possible! Most new recliners in this day and age offer some sort of massaging functionality, and most of them are pretty good by now. Here are the recliners which we feel offer the best massaging capabilities.




1. 360 Degree Swivel Leather Massage Recliner

The 360 Degree Swivel Leather Recliner made some of our other lists, particularly for being one of the better recliners being sold this year. Its massaging capabilities was one of the reasons it was so high on that list. This is a newer chair and with newer recliners comes upgraded technology. The massage provided by the chair is deep, yet soothing. It doesn’t vibrate so much that your teeth are clattering but it’s not like you can’t feel it. We said it once and we’ll say it again; you have to actually sit in this recliner to understand what it is about. Read our in-depth review of this chair here.





2. HomCom Deluxe Heated Recliner

HomCom’s Deluxe Heated Recliner was our favorite recliner of the year. It has such quality features that we had to do it, and its massaging feature is no different. Like the 360 Degree Swivel Recliner, this chair focuses on giving the seater a deeper and more gratifying massage. One of the members of our team actually fell asleep in this recliner, maybe that can give you some sort of idea on how relaxing it is to sit in this recliner when its massaging technology is in use. The only reason this recliner isn’t number one on our list is because of how exceptional the 360 Degree Swivel chair was, but it’s totally understandable to put this recliner in number one on a different list. Click here to read our in-depth review of the HomCom Deluxe.




3. Relaxzen Rocker Recliner With Heat & Massage

Does the Relaxzen live up to its name? We certainly think it does. This is one of those recliners that has one feature as its main focus. For this chair, massaging is that feature. The sensation of being seated in this chair when it is doing its work is absolutely wonderful! The massage might be a little shallow or light for some, so if you know you like pressure and super deep massages in your back then maybe reconsider to an option like the HomCom or 360 Degree Swivel Recliner. Overall, we felt it was powerful enough for us and for that reason we have it on this list. Read our review on the Relaxzen Rocker Recliner.





There are certainly more than just three recliners with above average massaging technology, but we felt that none were good enough to be mentioned like the three above. We hope that all of our readers understand that this chair isn’t going to provide a massage of a quality anywhere near something given by a person a real masseuse. Most of what this chair does is put pressure and vibrating in sensitive/sore parts of your body. If you’re looking for a more broad array of great recliners to view, check out the best recliners in 2018.