Acme Arcadia Recliner Review

Acme is consistently on countless numbers of lists for the best recliners, and deservingly so. They are some of the most consistent manufacturers to date, and its no surprise that their products are reviewed as much as they are. A chair like the Acme Arcadia isn’t really meant to be compared with the likes of the others on our list and it might not be fair to do so, but it is one of the most popular to date and for that reason alone we had to take a look at it. Acme brought us a chair that is great for day-to-day use, and decent for most first time buyers. Click here if you’d like to check out this product.


Acme Arcadia Recliner
Attractive, comfortable recliner chair from Acme; great for use in smaller rooms.

Major Features of Acme Arcadia Recliner

Swivelling Rotation

Acme didn’t bring us any features with this chair. On one hand, since the price is so low compared to others available, we can understand why they made the choice they made. On the other hand, just about every other recliner we’ve reviewed had at least one feature and it is a huge disappointment to get such a “boring” chair.


No massaging feature here unfortunately.
(check out these massage recliners If you wish to get yourself one)


Heating also not a feature included in this Acme Recliner.


Finally, something we can talk about – too bad it can’t be more positive. Since the recliner is lacking in so many categories, we thought it’d be nice if they at least made this recliner a bit more soft and well-padded. It’s poorly-padded especially when it is compared to other some other recliners. I wish I could say that at least the armrest were padded more sufficiently, but unfortunately I can’t. This Acme recliner is lacking in padding just about everywhere; maybe only the footrest can be said to have enough of it.

Rocking and Reclining

Since almost all recliners on sale nowadays feature both of these things, you wouldn’t be delusional to expect the same from this recliner but sadly if you did, you’d be disappointed. The only thing that this recliner features is reclining, and it doesn’t exactly excel at that either. It is difficult to reach the reclining trigger, and sometimes the footrest pops out when you carefully pushed it in. We hoped that this recliner could do at least one thing right, but it couldn’t (by our standards).


This recliner is more comfortable than your typical school chair, but its less comfortable than most above average recliners. This is a middle chair. It is moderately comfortable and by chair standards, it does indeed “get the job done”. It isn’t uncomfortable. You’re never going to think “hmm, this chair is painful. I should get off”. But beware, you most likely will not fall asleep in this chair either. It is okay for a chair.


The design of this recliner is also just very okay. It won’t blow away your guests and you shouldn’t expect it to either. The colors put us off too, they were very bland.


We won’t lie and try to fluff up this recliner. We won’t say that it is one of our favorites and that it is a great recliner. In fact, since we’ve seen so many great recliners over the years, we want to say the exact opposite of this recliner, but we won’t. We won’t do so because we understand that for this price, you can’t expect too much from a recliner like this.