ACME Arcadia Sage Microfiber Recliner Review

We rated this Acme recliner as the poorest on our list. This was the weakest recliner we have reviewed in our batch of recliners. The only case we can make for this recliner is that it is being presented next to some really strong options and it makes it look weaker in comparison. Maybe, just maybe this recliner would look more appealing next to some generic Walmart recliner, but we aren’t reviewing Walmart recliners. Here at Recliner Life, we pride ourselves on showcasing only the best recliners. To view this product, click here.


ACME Arcadia Sage Microfiber Recliner
ACME Arcadia Sage Microfiber Recliner Chair
It’s a great recliner that offers style, high quality and comfort. The seat cushion provides relaxation and peace to whole body.

Major Features of ACME Arcadia Sage Microfiber Recliner Chair

Swivelling Rotation

This recliner is almost exactly the same as the original Acme Arcadia chair we’ve reviewed in the past not only because of its design, but also because of the lack of features that come with it. The Acme does will not swivel and if you want that in a recliner, you’re going to have to check out a whole different breed.


The ACME Arcadia Sage Microfiber Recliner does not feature massaging as one of its main capabilities.


The ACME Arcadia Sage Microfiber Recliner also does not have heating capabilities.


Cushioning is quite average on this reciner, just like it is on the original Acme Arcadia. It doesn’t blow anyone away when they first see it. You probably already knew that this wouldn’t be that exceptional of a recliner because of its more than fair pricing, so we don’t think that the things we’re saying will shock anybody.

Rocking and Reclining

This chair doesn’t rock, but it does recline. For most recliners made by Acme, we’ve noticed that there are some malfunctions when it comes to the difficulty of actually reclining and putting the footrest back. It’s an easy fix, but this is something you wouldn’t have to deal with if you were in another recliner.


I really don’t want to just rehash everything I’ve said with the original Acme recliner, but I sort of feel like I have to. They are essentially the same chair and they are both moderately comfortable. The ACME Arcadia Sage Microfiber Recliner’s comfort level is a lot like how you’d describe a car of the average American. It is nice, maybe okay on gas mileage, and maybe has some nice seats but at the end of the day, the only thing it is really used for is to get from Point A to B. That’s just like the Acme chairs, they get the job done at an average rate for an average price.


The design of this ACME Arcadia Sage Microfiber Recliner didn’t blow us away and won’t blow anyone else away in all likelihood. It looks okay.


Our general feelings towards this ACME Arcadia Sage Microfiber Recliner are more or less the same as our feelings towards the first Acme. It is only really good at getting the job done and that’s basically it. We can’t expect anything more from a chair like this one and we certainly should not expect it to do anything other than recline.