ANJ Chair Recliner Contemporary Theater Recliner Review

The ANJ is a unique recliner. Although it doesn’t bring much to the table other than it’s own basic design, it still is bought in heavy numbers quite frequently. We like it especially for its luxurious and premium feel. It is a comfortable chair and it doesn’t have some features, but it does what a chair is supposed to do.


ANJ Chair Recliner Contemporary Theater Recliner
ANJ Chair Recliner Contemporary Theater Recliner Chair
Easy to assemble and has an adjustable angle that fits to everyone. Enjoy this comfortale and durable recliner chair.

Major Features of ANJ Chair Recliner Contemporary Theater Recliner Chair

Swivel Rotation

There is no swivel rotation feature with the ANJ. It’s meant to be a luxurious recliner, so we find it odd that the makers decided to not include this feature. We’re not too pleased with this decision; it could have made the recliner better.<


This ANJ model doesn’t have any massage system. We can understand that they left this off; it just wouldn’t fit with the design or purpose of the recliner.


No heating either. No surprise here, these chairs rarely include the extra features that some of us love.


The cushioning department is one that we can safely say has been done well. It features a soft linen upholstery, padded backrest and armrests, and pocket coil spring seat cushion covered with premium foam. All of these things combined make a reasonably comfortable and soft recliner that everyone in the house wants to get a piece of. It is leaning more towards firm than soft and as you can probably see from the image, the sloping shape has been done well for maximum comfort in your back. We wonder how leather would have worked with it.

Rocking and Reclining

This recliner does feature reclining as it should, but it wasn’t designed to rock. This was a bummer to our team. The only thing that this recliner features out of our criteria is the reclining feature and that’s what every recliner has, hence the name. Reclining was good, not much to say about it.


The ANJ is a moderately comfortable recliner that has no features, but makes up for it with its luxurious feel and look. It is a comfortable chair that exhibits most of its comfort through its shape and cushioning. The foundation is firm but the top is soft, and the shape places your spine in a wonderful position. The comfort level of the ANJ recliner is on part with just about every other recliner in its category, but for most of you this recliner is better suited in a lounging area rather than a living room. That’s not to say that this recliner has no place in the living room because that is certainly not true, rather that it might look more fitting in a lounge area.


The ANJ looks good which is why so many people think to buy it in the first place. It is meant to have a luxury look and by most peoples’ standards, it does. Looks is not the only category in which you can describe this chair with luxury because you can call this chairs’ comfort to be luxurious as well.


It is a luxurious chair, make no doubt about that. It doesn’t suit what we’re usually about here at Recliner Life. If you’re looking for a simplistic recliner for a lounge area, this might just be the recliner you want to get. If you’d like to buy or check out this ANJ recliner you can do so by clicking here.