BCP Contemporary Black Leather Kids Recliner Review

This kids recliner is made by Best Choice Products, a company not well known or talked about in the recliner or furniture world. Regardless of that fact, we gave this chair a try and were open minded about the whole experience. What did we get away from this whole reviewing process? We understood the fact that for the price at which this recliner sits at, it is a fairly good option for first time buyers. It does just about everything that you would want it to, and seems to not have any major weaknesses. The BCP Contemporary Black Leather Kids is an average recliner. Click here to check out this product and/or its reviews.


BCP Contemporary Black Leather Kids Recliner Chair
BCP Contemporary Black Leather Kids Recliner Chair
Kids can enjoy the thick and padded cushions. Even little ones can enjoy too

Major Features of BCP Contemporary Black Leather Kids Recliner Chair


This recliner for kids is not the most comfortable by most kids’ standards, so right off the bat that was not the best news. We want to make sure this is very clear; the recliner is in no way painful or uncomfortable to sit in. All we are saying is that a lot of kids like to kick back in their recliner as if it were a reclining bed and take a nap. This recliner is fine if all your child will be doing in it is sitting, but we know that in most households with these types of recliners sitting is usually done less than reclining/lounging fully. It is a slight problem, but it isn’t going to be the end of the world. If you just want a recliner for your child to sit in upright, then the BCP is still a good option for you.


If there is one thing we can say is extremely good about this recliner, it would be its durability. This recliner can take some heavy hits. Have kids jump in them, scratch the leather, etc. and most of the time, the BCP Contemporary Black Leather Kids should be able to take it just fine. The downside of this is that while it is durable, it is a slight tradeoff with comfort so that definitely isn’t a good thing.


The BCP Contemporary Black Leather Kids seems to have a PU leather finish. For a kids recliner, that is pretty good. Most are usually made with some sort of cheap fabric. It has a nice feel to it and that was one of the big benefits we enjoyed with this recliner. We also found that this leather finish was easier to clean than other types of materials so that was a big plus as well. Padding was weak which we think made a contribution to its lesser level of comfort. Padding could have been added to the back and armrests, but for the price we really shouldn’t complain. The edges were a bit rough and the armrests hard, so we hope you’re careful to prevent your kid(s) from running into it.


I get it, design isn’t that important for a kids recliner. We only put focus on it because of how important it can be to your kids! This contemporary kids recliner is generally very generic in terms of its design. It doesn’t demonstrate any new or unorthodox features that you might see on a different recliner. It has a boxy design and is very angular near the armrests and basically around the whole body. From what we could tell this recliner only comes in two colors; black and pink. We don’t love that, but for the majority of kids these colors should be just fine. We always mention this about kids recliners; as long as it isn’t white/beige, you should be glad because children have been known to stain frequently.


The verdict is that this kids recliner should be good enough for most first time buyers with small children. If you already know that you want something really comfortable and you’re willing to spend more money, then you should already know that this is one recliner you could and should skip. To see some other options you might like, view our page of the top kids recliners.

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