Best Choice Products Massage Recliner Review

BCP is a manufacturer that we’ve mentioned in our kids recliners list, but it wasn’t anywhere near our top ten general recliners. This chair is one that isn’t really too bad in reality, but while it’s a mostly good recliner, it doesn’t do anything that would make you want to put it on a top ten list. It doesn’t do anything exceptionally well, or anything that can’t be found on another chair. As you can probably tell from looking at the image, this recliner aesthetically isn’t too special either; it looks a lot like a Tenive or HomCom but it doesn’t really live up to be as extravagant as those options.

Executive PU Leather Swivel Electric Massage Recliner Chair

Executive PU Leather Swivel Electric Massage Recliner Chair

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Swivel Rotation

You might not be able to catch it at first glance, but swivelling is something you can easily do with this chair. It is easier than most other models to do so in that it’s quite smooth, but it can cause other difficulties. For now, based purely on how the swivelling function works, we have to say that it’s great and put aside its other problems.


It is noted in the description of this recliner that this is really just vibration and the term “massage chair” should be taken with a grain of salt. We say this because all too often people are disappointed with the fact that they expect their chair to do some wonderful gimmicks but once they actually see it in person they realize that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Not to say that all recliners are like this though; some are actually quite fantastic with the massage mechanism.


With massaging often comes heating, and so is the case with this BCP product. We haven’t mentioned that both massaging and heating are controlled in 5 different settings ranging from low to high for a more accurate sensation, so there’s that. The heating set to max is quite hot and will most likely keep even the coldest comfortable enough during a chilly day, and the lowest setting is a subtle warmth that might make you think that its your own body heat.


The BCP is well-cushioned and is intended more for firmness and less for softness. We’ve already written a topic on firm vs. soft, so you can check that out if you’d like but the main point is that both are enjoyable and there’s nothing wrong in particular with either; it comes down to personal preference once again. Firmer recliners are enjoyed more by those we prefer positioning over the sinking feeling of getting immersed in the softness of your chair.

Rocking & Reclining

Rocking is not something brought to the table by this chair. That being said, reclining is okay on this recliner; it doesn’t go quite the full way to a completely horizontal position and that wouldn’t necessarily be too big of a problem for us but many people report wanting a chair to do this because it makes sleeping that much easier.


In terms of comfort, this chair brings its A game. The firmness of the chairs body in combination with a subtle heat and a smooth vibration is perfect for your average evening, and you can’t take that away from the BCP. Keep in mind however that when we say how comfortable this chair is, we’re really comparing it to your typical, retail-sold recliner. If this were to be compared to the chairs on our list, well just say the BCP might not make it out alive.


You can say one thing for sure about this recliner and that is that it looks nice. When you first look at this chair, it resembles many other upscale chairs you might see and that fact might have you thinking that this chair is just like those others but it unfortunately is not. This BCP massage recliner is a good option for those just looking strictly at design, but that is rarely ever the case with these chairs.


Our overall impressions of this chair are that it is a nice chair with many beloved features portrayed in a somewhat average but still respectable fashion. Everything you will see with this chair is either going to be average or above average; nothing was done poorly. With that being said, there are many other great options you can choose from but if you really like this chair in particular, you can’t be wrong in picking it up.