Best Recliner Chairs For The Elderly In 2022 (Updated)

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When shopping for recliner chairs for the elderly or senior citizens, we have to pay closer attention than we normally would when purchasing any regular chair. Due to the fact that the elderly generally spend more time indoors and seated than the rest of society, we can safely assume that the comfortability of their seating plays a bigger role in their life.

Typically you shouldn’t notice that many differences between a ‘regular’ recliner seat and one that is made for older individuals (it is just a chair after all), but certain elements can make one recliner better suited for a specific kind of population, especially older one. A recliner for seniors has to be comfortable, easy to access, and hopefully portable.

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Best Recliner Chairs For The Elderly in 2022

MAGIC Union Power Lift Heated Massage Recliner
  • Made of solid wooden frame
  • Power lift function
  • Easy to use
CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair
  • Power lift recliner
  • Comfortable and antiskid upholstery
  • Easy to assemble and easy to use
Everette Power Motion Recliner With USB Charging
  • Power motion assist
  • Built-in USB port
  • Side arm storage
Giantex Power Lift Recliner
Giantex Power Lift Recliner
  • Quiet power lift and recline
  • Great cushioning
  • Storage pocket
Lifestyle Power Recliner Chair
  • Power recliner
  • USB plug on activation switch
  • Wallsaver mechanism
Domesis Renu Leather Wall Hugger Recliner
  • Wall hugger lift chair
  • 2 Button powered recliner control
  • Ergonomic support
Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner
Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner
  • Heat and vibrate functions
  • 2 Side Pockets and Cup Holders
  • USB Charging Ports

1. MAGIC Union Power Lift Heated Massage Recliner 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

MAGIC Union Power Lift Heated Massage Recliner for elderly

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It should come as no surprise that in 2022, the best recliner chair for the elderly is a power recliner. This is because power recliners are able to elevate and angle themselves in ways that other chairs simply can’t; they were essentially made for the elderly. This MAGIC Union chair is perhaps the best all-around recliner chair for older folks as it is not only comfortable, stylish, and loaded with features – it’s relatively affordable as well. Now, depending on which features you do/don’t want, this may be the chair for you. Based on our reviews however, there aren’t many sofa chairs I’d rather have over this one for a senior citizen.


  • The frame is made of solid wood and the upholstery is PU leather
  • There are cup holders and extra storage pockets made perfectly for storing the TV remote or other items
  • Power lift function may raise the entire chair from its base, allowing seniors to stand-up effortlessly
  • Simple to use: With two remote controllers, it easily and safely operates the chair’s lift, recline, or massage
  • The four massage target regions (leg, tight, lumbar, and back) and five massage modes (pulse, push, wave, auto, and regular) satisfy your massage needs
  • It features an integrated lift-assist helper which was designed for people with limited mobility
  • This recliner has heat-improving circulation. When you sit in it, a heating pad heats the area that is right below your body and provides improved blood flow to help alleviate pain for people who suffer from arthritis or joint conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome

2. CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair for seniorsCheck Price On Amazon

The CANMOV power lift recliner is similar in many ways to the MAGIC Union on our list. It’s a very comfortable and stylish option. The biggest differences between this chair and others we recommend are 1) the size of this particular recliner and 2) the features. Clearly, this is a recliner chair with a very wide body and can easily support larger and heavier individuals. I’m not sure that there is a better option for larger elderly folks than this CANMOV power lift recliner. It does not have any special features like heating or massage, but the comfortability makes up for it.


  • With one touch of a button, this heavy-duty power lift recliner will smoothly adjust into any position imaginable—so go ahead and dream away while watching TV or laying out on a porch hammock with ease
  • It is a genuinely plush and comfortable chair that has the utmost top safety features.
  • The high back, thick cushioning, and durable upholstery will ensure you’re sitting safer than ever before!
  • This sleek, modern design takes up minimal space and is easy to install.
  • A simple set of instructions will guide you through the installation process in less than 10 minutes!
  • The stainless steel frame is durable and strong to keep the chair stable.

3. Everette Power Motion Recliner With USB Charging 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

Everette Power Motion Recliner chair for elderlyCheck Price On Amazon

Everette’s power recliner is a very elegant and sleek product. In terms of practicality, it is probably only a viable option for elderly individuals whom are more on the slender size. This is because the chair has a very narrow and slender design. However in terms of beauty, this is one of the most beautiful and modern reclining sofa chairs on our list. You won’t get heating/massage on this unit but you will get your typical power reclining feature as well as a USB port charging. It is also very affordable when considering these products and that makes it one of the best options of 2022.


  • The power motion assist provides a range of motor-powered adjustments for all your motoring needs.
  • Designed with the elderly and disabled in mind, this is a practical relaxation solution.
  • The strong and sturdy power recliner is made of heavy-duty plastic to ensure you can sit in it all day without feeling the slightest bit uncomfortable.
  • Plug in and power up with this ergonomic USB port, built right into the chair. There’s no need to lug around chargers at home or work – simply plug it directly into your seat!
  • Comes with a built-in hidden storage compartment. Innovative features like hidden storage compartments allow seniors who use this type of chair in their homes as well as those living in nursing facilities with limited space to say goodbye to clutter during TV time by easily storing away any belongings that might get lost on furniture surfaces.

4. Giantex Power Lift Recliner 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

Giantex Power Lift Recliner best for seniors

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Giantex power lift recliner is super supportive for the elderly that require help changing from standing or sitting position. It is very comfortable and reclines to an almost flat position, which means that one can sleep or take a great nap on it. Its operation involves utilizing a two-button control by the side of the chair. The foam quality is excellent, the chair is durable and firm with fake leather upholstery. In terms of price, the chair could not be any better. It is affordable and free of any odor. Lifting may be strenuous due to the chair weight, so it is best kept in one position, but assembling is quite easy.


  • The back features a soft, yet supportive cushionthat will cradle you as you sit.
  • With a two-button remote control, the Power Lift and Recline Chair can be operated with ease.
  • It has a sturdy frame, made of steel with extra reinforcements at all the stress points so you can take your time finding just what works best for you without worrying about things breaking.
  • The power lift recliner has a 330lb weight capacity and can be customized for your body shape.
  • It features an ergonomically designed backrest that provides the best support while you work, read or watch TV from any position.
  • This power lift recliner is the perfect solution for those with limited mobility. The ample padding and high back will provide a comfortable, fully supported seat.
  • It’s easy to assemble and comes with an instruction manual for any questions you may have along the way!

5. Lifestyle Power Recliner Chair 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Lifestyle Power Recliner Chair for elderlyCheck Price On Amazon

As far as these chairs go, the Lifestyle power recliner is one of the most basic models you can get. That isn’t to say that it is bad in any way, but it simply cannot be compared to the higher-end, luxury options we have on our list. Despite all that, it is still a reliable chair. It should last a long time and isn’t an ugly chair by any stretch of the imagination. For the price, it is a good value product and perhaps the best in its range. If you’re looking for a recliner for seniors that won’t be used every day, then this option may suit your needs. It is well-built, decently comfortable, and overall not bad recliner chair.


  • Get lost in the ultimate luxury by investing your time and money on this recliner chair. The ultra-soft cushioningalong with its plush back support will leave you begging for more!
  • Comes with a USB plug on the activation switch, so you can power your phone or device while relaxing.
  • The wall-saver mechanism prevents clothes or other items from getting snagged around it when moving. This makes for a less stressful and more pleasant experience, leaving you with peace of mind that your belongings are safe while navigating through tight spaces.
  • Comes with Layflat Premium Mechanism. This means that you’ll never have to worry about being uncomfortable again. Layflat is the first and only of its kind because it doesn’t restrict your body from fully relaxing on a flat surface, which can help promote better sleep quality.

6. Domesis Renu Leather Wall Hugger Recliner 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Domesis Renu Leather Wall Hugger Recliner for elderly

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We’ve reviewed many products by Domesis Renu in the past and have generally been pretty pleased with their products, and once again we have another one of their solid products on our hands. When comparing it to the other choices on our list, it doesn’t quite stack up with the best of them. The materials are well-padded but a little bit too hard. It is comfortable but only in shorter spurts of time. It can do some nice things, but because of the materials used, we can’t rank it any higher. It’s just good, not great. This product can also be used as an RV recliner.


  • The Power Lift Chair by Domesis is compact and saves space, but it also eliminates the need for a separate mobility device. You can recline or lift with only 4-inches of clearance from the wall!
  • Equipt with a 2 button switch which is a great innovation for the comfort-conscious individual.
  • The controller offers an easy way to adjust your position at any time, which means you can always find that perfect spot no matter where it may be!
  • Great for adults with mobility issues, the electric lift function makes getting in and out of your chair easy.
  • It’s made with a plush, high-density foamthat cradles your back, seat, and legs for the perfect afternoon nap or when you’re watching TV.
  • This leather recliner is upholstered with a durable, comfortable, and breathable fabric that feels and looks like top grain leather.

7. Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner 3.6 out of 5 stars (3.6 / 5)

Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner for seniors

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The Mcombo power lift recliner has all the features necessary for one to enjoy sitting down. It comes with a one year warranty in case of malfunctions of the electronic parts or the reclining mechanism. The power lift relieves the user from the stress that getting up or sitting can exert on the knees, back, and legs. Recliner support comes from sturdy steel that bears up the weight of the individual.
A faux leather material is a great recliner cover that is easy to clean and enhances the recliner elegant style. The foam padding and the pillow top armrests make sitting down as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Extra features such as the full body massage available at the press of a button, the cup holders, side pockets, and USB ports all increase the desirability of the chair.


  • The chair reclines to 145 degrees and offers three different positions. These include a normal position, an upright position for watching TV or reading in bed with your feet elevated on the footrests, and finally a fully reclined sleeping mode.
  • Themassage and heating function on this unit will create a soothing massage of your back and shoulders, which is just what you need after long hours at the office.
  • Assembling is a breeze, but the chair can be difficult to lift if you’re not careful.
  • The lift and recline buttons were made to be easy for the elderly, so they can do it with ease without any help.

Choosing a Recliner For The Elderly

Unlike with other types of recliners, choosing the best recliner chair for the elderly is even more difficult. You have to consider the accessibility and ease of use of the recliner. All of the recliners you see here are power recliners which means that they will be much easier to get in and out of for a senior citizen. They can even make great theater recliners. When shopping for these products, there are a few key aspects that we need to pay extra attention to.

Ease of Use

Maybe the biggest and most important factor is how easy or difficult the recliner is to use. It doesn’t matter whether or not the chair is comfortable or stylish if it can’t even be used properly! This is why power recliners are recommended for older individuals; it makes the whole process a lot easier. Even if you don’t necessarily need that function in this moment, it is smart to think about the longterm use of the chair. You may wish for that functionality in the future, so be sure to make the right choice now.


Another huge thing to take into account is how reliable or unreliable the recliner is. This means that we should be on the lookout for recliners that won’t break down and chairs that do not experience malfunctions (or experience them very rarely). Senior citizens are not able to simply fix things on the go or call repairmen into their homes quickly. A breakdown may not be a problem for a middle-aged person but for an elder, it certainly can prove to be a huge issue.

Comfort & Design

Lastly, we can focus on things like the comfortability, design, and features. Obviously these factors are still very important and cannot be overlooked in the slightest. A chair must be comfortable and practical if it is to be used on a longterm basis. Be sure to read reviews to determine whether or not they are worth your money. Cheap recliners can be a hit or miss.

The Best Recliner Chairs for the Elderly – The Verdict

In theory, there shouldn’t be much of a difference between a standard reclining chair and one that is made for older individuals. However, that simply isn’t the case. They do differ in many ways and the main one is in the way they operate and how they look. Power recliners aren’t very common in most homes; they are a little less rare than massage chairs or chair and half recliners. In homes housing older folks though, you see that they become more and more common. This is because they really do work. We cannot stress enough how important it is for a recliner chair for seniors to be easy to use and comfortable for it to be enjoyable.