4 Best Massage Chairs Under $,1000 To Buy In 2022 [Guide]

There is a cheaper alternative to trips to the masseuse or spa. You might not know this, but you can get the best massage chair under $1,000, and it will fix all the issues you thought should only be left to the professionals.

I know you want to walk into a furniture store or place an order online right away, but I suggest you wait just a little bit. It’s a crowded market full of good, bad, and horrible massage chairs. 

With nothing to guide your shopping, you could easily land on a poor product or one that is not suitable for your needs. Some things you will want to consider include massage settings, heating functions, reclining angles, material, and so on. 

With all those factors in mind, I succeeded in rounding up what I believe to be the best massage chairs that cost less than $1,000. I’ll walk you through each of them before explaining how I arrived at my decisions. 

Shall we start? 

  At A Glance:  Our Top 4 Picks For Massage Chairs Under $1,000

Best Massage Chairs Under $1,000 — Comparison Table

Faux Leather Power Reclining Heated Massage Chair By Inbox Zero
Faux Leather Power Reclining Heated Massage Chair By Inbox Zero - Best Overall Product
  • Available massage treatment: compression
  • Six preset auto-massage modes and full-body airbag massage
  • Built-in waist heater and zero-gravity position
Synca Wellness Premium SL Track Heated Massage Chair
Synca Wellness Premium SL Track Heated Massage Chair
  • Available massage treatments: kneading, rolling, and tapping
  • Five massage programs 
  • 10 airbags and lumbar heat
COMFIER Portable Folding Massage Chair
COMFIER Portable Folding Massage Chair - Best Budget Product
  • Available massage techniques: shiatsu and kneading
  • Massage points: back and neck
  • Vibrating seat massager and heating function
Reclining Heated Massage Chair By Andover Mills
Reclining Heated Massage Chair By Andover Mills
  • Massage type: vibration
  • Eight massage modes
  • Heat function (lower back only)

Best Massage Chair Under $1,000 — Reviews

1. Faux Leather Power Reclining Heated Massage Chair By Inbox Zero – Best Overall Product

Faux Leather Power Reclining Heated Massage Chair By Inbox Zero

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It may be the most expensive on our list, but this model from Inbox Zero is the dream heated massage chair. It’s rich with massage features and extras that make it incredibly convenient, comfortable, and entertaining. 

Right off the bat, you can tell it’s bulky and sophisticated. However, it’s not as complex as you might imagine. With no special tools or expertise required, assembling it is actually easy. 

Key Features

  • Massage technique: compression
  • Six preset auto massage modes
  • Zero gravity
  • Full-body airbag massage
  • Heating function
  • Bluetooth audio play
  • Built-in waist heater
  • Upholstery: faux leather 

Every contact point on this chair, from the shoulder and arms to the hips, waist, legs, and calves, is fitted with advanced airbags for optimal compression therapy. 

It gets better than that for your back and waist because they will be in contact with nine fixed rollers that you can adjust to your liking. Even the massage intensity and airbags can be adapted to your taste.

A heat function is available as well to add to help your tissues heal faster and effectively relieve your back pain. 


  • User experiences full-body massage benefits 
  • Adjustable massage, airbags, and heat for a satisfactory experience 
  • Zero-gravity position enhances your physical well-being 
  • Bluetooth speaker for a more relaxing massaging experience
  • Power reclining adds to the convenience
  • Different color options available to match your interior decor


  • Too bulky for smaller spaces but perfect for any roomy environment 

Looking at all the useful features and functions that this chair is equipped with, you will agree that it offers the best value for money. Whether you need a massage-heated seat for medical purposes or comfort, you will not go wrong with this option. You can keep it in your living room, office, bedroom, or even balcony. 

2. Synca Wellness Premium SL Track Heated Massage Chair

Synca Wellness Premium SL Track Heated Massage Chair

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It’s easy to fall for the Premium SL Track Heated Massage Chair from Synca because of the looks. It’s not only showy but also stylish. And when you unlock its full potential, you realize the inside is just as great as the outside. It comes with enough massage programs and techniques to suit your needs as well as therapeutic heat and intensity levels you can adjust to your liking. 

Key Features

  • Available massage treatments: kneading, rolling, and tapping
  • Five massage programs 
  • 10 airbags 
  • 106-degree angle
  • Lumbar heat 
  • Remote control 

Because it’s an L-track massage chair, count on this model to massage more areas of your body, from the shoulder blades all the way to the glutes and thighs. However, it’s a bit smaller in size, making it unsuitable for people taller than six feet.

You have five massage programs to choose from, all of them based on the three massage treatments. Using the remote control, you can align the roller (dual) intensity levels to your taste and amplify the experience even further by activating the ten airbags and lumbar heat. 


  • L-shape renders compression massage
  • 10 airbags that provide therapeutic massage to the hips, thighs, and glutes
  • LED lights on the side provide mood lighting that relaxes you further 
  • Fits easily in tight spaces
  • Neck pillow for added comfort
  • Portable enough to be moved around with ease 
  • Variety of colors available to match your specific interior decor


  • Roller position cannot be adjusted, but you can tweak its intensity 
  • No recline function, instead you have a fixed 106-degree angle providing utmost relaxation

Despite being small in size and lacking adjustment options, Synca Wellness Premium SL Track Heated Massage Chair does everything else so well. You are guaranteed a satisfactory massage experience and great comfort for less money. 

3. COMFIER Portable Folding Massage Chair – Best Budget Product

COMFIER Portable Folding Massage Chair

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Small but mighty! That’s how I’d sum up this COMFIER chair. It’s a great space-saving recliner that you can fit in the tiniest of spaces and fine-tune to match your massaging needs. 

Unfortunately, it won’t massage your foot and calves, but the trade-off for that is its small size. What’s more, it will cater to the rest of your body, from the neck to the lower part of your back. And guess what? There’s still more to enjoy.

Key Features

  • Available massage types: shiatsu and kneading
  • Massage points: back and neck
  • Vibrating seat massager 
  • Heating function
  • Premium PU leather
  • Adjustable backrest

The neck massage on the COMFIER has four different shiatsu massage settings to make it fit different heights, plus a cozy pillow cover for added comfort. Just beneath it, you have the back massage where shiatsu rollers with eight different nodes deliver a kneading massage to your full, lower, and upper back.

But that wasn’t enough, so they featured a heat function in the back massage that you can turn on for a warming massage and complete alleviation of stress, fatigue, and tension in your muscles. Make your experience complete by activating the seat vibration massage to relax your thighs and bottom. 


  • Combines massage, heating, and vibration to deliver a full massage experience
  • Fits both home and office use, making it versatile
  • Made of premium leather that is durable and easy to clean
  • Folds away for easy storage and transport
  • USB port adds to its convenience
  • No assembly required saves you the need to buy tools and spend time setting it up
  • Very affordable 


  • No foot or calf massage, but the size and price compensate for that

When on a budget and/or in need of a great massage to put in your small space, COMFIER portable massage chair will suit you well. It’s simple yet just as capable as its rivals on the higher end of the price range when it comes to providing a relaxing deep-tissue massage. 

4. Reclining Heated Massage Chair By Andover Mills

Reclining Heated Massage Chair By Andover Mills

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Sometimes you will need a massage chair with extras that make it unparalleled. This Andover Mill’s model is a perfect example. It renders a full body massage, reclines, rocks back and forth, swivels, and more.

Key Features

  • Massage type: vibration
  • Eight massage modes
  • Remote control
  • Upholstery material: canvas
  • Heat function (lower back only)
  • Reclining angle: 90-160 degrees 
  • Rocks back and forth
  • 360-degree swivel

There aren’t any other massage techniques on this chair besides vibratory, but here’s the best part: There are eight massage points spread from the neck and head area to the legs to offer you a full-body massage. 

Top that off with an adjustable heat function for your lower back, and you have a complete therapeutic massage chair to ease your muscle tension and take away your stress and anxiety.

What’s more, it’s a swivel recliner that you can recline all the way to about 160 degrees and rock back and forth, which is a plus if you want versatility. 


  • Offers full-body massage which is more beneficial than other massage types
  • Easy to activate the massage and heat functions via the remote 
  • Made of canvas, a durable, tightly-woven fabric that can withstand wear and tear 
  • Heat and massage functions operate independently, making it more convenient 
  • Massage intensity and heat function can be adjusted to suit your taste 
  • Different relaxation angles and positions makes it more comfortable 


  • Limited massage techniques, but the eight massage points compensate for that

Besides increasing relaxation, reducing stress, and easing pain in your muscles and joints, this chair will revolutionize your watching experience and contribute to your overall well-being in a dozen other ways. It’s a versatile option you will never go wrong with, no matter your purpose for buying it. 

How To Find The Most Suitable & Best Massage Chair Under $1,000

Every model on our list is excellent, but you still have to filter the options to find the most suitable massage chair under $1,000 for your specific needs. We have made that much easier for you by explaining the factors you should consider. They include:

Massage Settings 

Different massage treatments are available, from vibration, kneading, and tapping to rolling, deep tissue, and shiatsu. Each works differently and are suited for a specific purpose. Learn as much as you can about massage types so that you can settle on a chair that serves you or your family best.

Other things to check include:

  • Number of massage points available and whether they target the areas you need help with
  • Available massage programs 

Reclining Angle & Zero-Gravity Position

Sitting for a long time on a chair that cannot recline may cause fatigue. That’s why it’s great to go for a chair that can move between different reclining positions. The further your massage chair can recline, the better. 

It would also be great if the chair has a zero-gravity mode. Just as the name suggests, this is a position where gravity is equally distributed across your entire body to enhance your body’s natural ability to rest. Muscles and joints will experience less tension, making you more comfortable.

Heating Function

Heat plays multiple roles in promoting your overall physical health, from improving blood flow to ensuring faster transportation of toxins from inflamed areas. You will recuperate faster as a result and even experience better metabolism. 


Massage chairs come in different materials, leather being the most common. Synthetic is another popular option. Both are great, but leather is a bit expensive. You will also want to check the rate of wear and tear, ease of cleaning, color, and style just to be sure you are settling for an option that will satisfy your needs. 

Weight & Dimensions

A perfect massage chair should fit you and the space you want it to be placed. Have the ideal size in mind (length, width, and depth) before making the final purchase. Also, check the weight of the chair just to be sure you can move it around with ease, either alone or with the help of someone. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Could A Massage Chair Be Hazardous For Me?

Massage chairs from reputable manufacturers are absolutely safe not only for adults but also children and pregnant mothers. 

However, I would recommend that you talk to your doctor just to be sure that the chair won’t have any negative effects on you. People with heart diseases, for example, can experience serious side effects after using a massage chair. 

Are Massage Chairs Worth It?

The benefits of a massage chair outweigh the cons. Provided you can afford it, a massage chair will not only promote your physical and mental wellness but also save you the costs that come with seeking professional massage services. By buying one, you will be investing in your health. 

Do Massage Chairs Use A Lot Of Electricity?

Obviously, power consumption varies from one massage chair to the other, but the average rate (when in use for about an hour) is 150-200 watts. When it’s idle, it uses zero power. 

Assuming you will be activating the chair’s massage and heat functions for 15 minutes a day, at the end of the month you will have used 450 minutes (about seven hours). Multiply that by 200 watts and the result you get is 1400kWh. 

Put differently, that’s 1.4 kilowatt per hour, which is what your desktop computer uses when active for a few hours a day. So no, massage chairs do not use a lot of electricity. 

And The Best Massage Chair Under $1,000 Is….

On our list, Faux Leather Power Reclining Heated Massage Chair by Inbox Zero places above the rest because it comes equipped with almost everything you could ever want in a massage chair, from an extensive full body massage, zero-gravity position, and waist heater to faux leather upholstery and extras such as a bluetooth speaker. 

The chair has more than enough features to provide you with a satisfactory massaging experience. Each of the other options is equally great too, depending on what your specific needs are. Carefully examine the features and functions to find a model that best suits your budget, lifestyle, and other needs. 

Massage chairs are no longer a luxury. You could ignore your physical and mental wellness now, but sooner or later, you will pay more to fix them than you would if you had a massage chair. All the best in your search!