2022 Best Massage Chairs

best massage chairs

Few things can put a smile on your face the way a great massage recliner chair can. Whenever we hear the word, we instantly think of our last time experiencing a chairs’ magic; often this takes place inside of a mall, or any other public place. But what if you could take one of the best massage chairs and have it in the comfort of your own home? Well now you can, and it is precisely what thousands of people all over the world are doing every year. No matter who you are, we can all recall a moment in time when we had the opportunity to be seated in a chair that made you feel an unforgettable way. These recliners are designed to make you so comfortable that you never want to get up – and that’s exactly how they make most people feel when sitting in them!

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The Best Massage Chairs Of 2021:

Vending 5 Massage Chair by Medical Breakthrough
  • Chiropractic back stretch
  • Unlimited customization
  • Medical body scan
Kahuna Massage Chair with Yoga and Heating Therapy
  • Auto programs
  • Limited warranty for 3 years
  • Dual foot rollers and detachable and washable footer
Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner
  • Real relax full body massage chair
  • Exclusive armrest linkage system design
  • Built-In waist heater
Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair
  • 9 Auto programs including 4 special programs
  • Upgraded space saving technology
  • Collaborated with top performing technology 
Osaki OS4000TD Model Massage Recliner Chair
  • Next generation air massage technology
  • Lower back heat therapy
  • 6 Massage styles

How To Choose The Best Massage Chair For You?

This is a difficult question to answer. Oftentimes, you may spend a few days or even weeks before you fully purchase a piece of furniture. Of course, there are many things you will have to take into consideration before deciding on just one particular chair. Thankfully though, we live in a time when many (if not most) of the massage chairs you will find on the market will satisfy you.

It is difficult to definitively say that there is one massage chair that is the greatest. Some will prefer the seats made by Panasonic while others only go for chairs made by Kahuna. There are pros and cons to every single massaging recliner chair out there, but it is up to you to determine which is the best fit massage chair for your household.

If you deal with the elderly daily, then you have an entirely different factor to handle.

1. Vending 5 Massage Chair by Medical Breakthrough 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Vending 5 Massage Chair by Medical Breakthrough

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The Vending 5 Massage Chair is quite the fascinating product and one of the best massage chairs. It was designed by 25 doctors, surgeons, and chiropractors and was made to be one of the most powerful and effective massage chairs ever created. Does it do what it says? As far as we can tell, it absolutely does – the Vending 5 Massage Chair recliner is absolutely special and the massaging capabilities are out of this world. Its design may look a little bit funky (almost like a gaming recliner) but do not let that fool you. This is 100% massage chair, and it excellent at delivering on its promises. Take a look at our review of this product.

What Makes It Great

What makes this chair great and possibly the best massage recliners of 2019 is the one thing right in the name – it is a Vending 5 Massage Chair. Few believe that it will ever be possible for a massaging chair to replicate the level of relief provided by massages given by human touch, but this might be the closest we’ve ever gotten. The level of comfort is purely outstanding and the massage given is unlike one you’ve ever (probably) experienced.

2. Kahuna Massage Chair with Yoga and Heating Therapy 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

Kahuna Massage Chair with Yoga and Heating Therapy massage recliner chairs

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As far as massaging recliners go, this is one of the best that is actually quite affordable in the world of massaging chairs. Is it the best massage chair of the year? For the price, it just may be! The biggest complaint users have had with the chair has been that it is quite small for those over 6’2 in height. If this is you, then this chair might be too small. Massaging is deep and intense – both in your upper back/neck area and in your feet. The materials used are soft and smooth, and the design is simplistic yet creative. Certainly, this chair by Kahuna is one of the most comfortable massaging chairs of the year.

What Makes It Great

There are many things to appreciate with this chair, but few things are as greatly appreciated as the value to price ratio. Many have said that even though it is obviously more expensive to purchase than your average recliner chair, the product paid for itself through the comfort it provided to the person sitting in it.

3.Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner

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The best way to describe this chair is to say that it is a cheaper version of the Medical Breakthrough recliner which sits atop our list. it also offers Shiatsu massaging capabilities with a wide frame for a variety of reasons, but it isn’t quite the best massage chair. However, it is still very formidable and comfortable. For most people in search of the greatest massage chairs, this is more than sufficient. The seat is very easy to assemble and the chair in general is very relaxing to sit in. It might be the best in terms of how it positions your legs and back. As far as affordable massage chairs go, it certainly has a strong case for being one of the finest. The materials are smooth and feel premium, and it would be a good idea to pair the chair with a great recliner cover. Read more about this reclining massage chair on our massage chair review.

What Makes It Great

The best thing to say about this massage recliner chair is that it is both extremely high quality, and it is also very affordable. Something else that this chair presents that is not mentioned very often is the level of durability; we’ve thrown a lot of people on this massage recliner chair and it holds up as if it were new! You can make a strong argument that this is the greatest massage chair for families.

4. Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair

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Yet another Kahuna massage recliner on our list of top rated massage chairs. This is one of the strongest brands out there making some of the greatest massaging chairs, so it is no surprise that they recur on our list. As someone who works from an office chair for the majority of the day, I can say that sitting in this chair is definitely a treat! The massaging hits in all the right places and the level of depth and intensity is controlled via remote. You can literally feel your back loosening up as you sit in this magnificent chair. It is well-built, durable, and for most people it’s well worth the money. In terms of style and design, it’s sleek and clean-looking. The smooth and never-ending continuous design is beautiful to admire. You won’t have any concerns of this chair not fitting in your home!

What Makes It Great

Elegance, design, and level of comfort. Not only is the Shiatsu massage comparable to the likes of the number 1 chair on our list, but the body and frame of the chair is perfect for the spines of most people. Deep tissue massage reaches near perfection through this massage chair.

5. Osaki OS4000TD Model Massage Recliner Chair 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

Osaki OS4000TD Model Massage Recliner Chair

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Osaki is a very big player in the industry of massage chairs. Not only are they known to make some of the most elite massaging recliners, but they make some fantastic chairs in general. In the past, they were often seen as the biggest authority in the world of chairs with massaging capabilities. Over the years though, competition has risen and many of their products have been drowned out. Don’t get it twisted, they’re still making some excellent products certainly worth mentioning, such as this Osaki OS4000TD. This particular recliner does so many things that it is difficult to list them all. The foot rub was one of my favorite features, and you’d think it’s something that is included with all massage chairs. Unfortunately, such is not the case. This chair might best be suited for a theater room given its appearance.

What Makes It Great

The fact that it is feature heavy and has integrated a fantastic massaging functionality. Osaki makes some of the best massaging furniture in the world and it shows in their results. Aside from that, it seems to be quite durable and can take a lot of punishment.

6. Relaxonchair Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair 4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

Relaxonchair Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

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Relaxon’s massage recliner is one that is not talked about quite frequently in this industry. It definitely classifies as an underrated massage chair. The roller mechanism works beautifully and the fact that you can stop it from moving at any single point makes it even better. Personally, I think that the massage is sufficiently strong. However, some reviewers have noted that for them, the massage was too weak and light. It is difficult to pinpoint who is right and who is wrong, but for the most part there have been many more positive reviews as opposed to negative ones. The design of this chair makes it look more like a regular recliner chair rather than a massage chair (which looks funky at times).

What Makes It Great

What makes this product great is its innovative design and underrated massaging system. It is like any other recliner chair I’ve reviewed (in terms of look and feel) however it is much more complex due to its intensive massaging features. The full body Shiatsu massage is great, but may be too light for some. If you are under 6′ tall, then you should fit into this massaging recliner perfectly.

7. Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair top massage chairs

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This is another recliner chair on our list that leans more on the affordable end on the scale of affordability of massage chairs. This chair was designed to improve blood-flow and relieve tension from the upper back, neck, shoulders, and spine through its careful massaging feature. Does it do what it promises? Actually it does. The reason this chair is not rated higher on this list is because the features it does present are not as intense and powerful as they would be on a more expensive option. That isn’t to say that this chair is subpar; rather it is a better alternative to those in need of a cheaper massaging recliner that still gets the job done. It is comfortable to sit in and at this price point, it’s hard to say it’s not a good value massage chair.

What Makes It Great

The best thing this recliner chair has going for itself is its affordability. Other than that, there are massage chairs that are virtually better in every category. They will be more expensive, but at the same time you receive more in your purchase. This is a great entry-level massage chair for those looking to purchase their first ever massaging recliner.

8. 3D Kahuna Exquisite Rhythmic Massage Chair 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

3D Kahuna Exquisite Rhythmic Massage Chair

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The 3D Kahuna Exquisite Rhythmic Massage Chair is an expensive product. It probably isn’t for kids.Nevertheless, it still remains one of the top rated massage chairs of 2019. The reviews for this item are overwhelmingly positive and the foot massage feature is quite powerful and intense. The support throughout your lower and upper back is outstanding to say the least. As far as sizing goes, this chair is compact yet large enough to fit both short and tall people. Many people over 6′ tall can fit very comfortably in this chair. The built-in heating pad works phenomenally, and it is the perfect addition to a fantastic massage chair in the wintertime and fall. Apart from that, the chair is seemingly sturdy and has lasted quite some time. Overall, it has many things to like and few to dislike. People have had complaints about the remote not having the best design.

What Makes It Great

This chair is a great massage chair because of its powerful massaging rollers. It is expensive for a reason – it provides a level of strength and power that many other recliners cannot. You can easily feel the stress of your body being relieved the longer you sit in this chair. If only it was cheaper!

9. Electric Full Body Shiatsu Brown Massage Chair 3.7 out of 5 stars (3.7 / 5)

full body electric shiatsu massage recliner chair

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This massaging sofa chair is a great cheap recliner for those looking to get their foot in the door with a premium recliner. It is not to be compared to the likes of the massage chairs sitting at the top of our pecking order, but it is important to note that this piece of furniture is no slouch. The massage is decent and the overall comfort level is satisfactory. There are few features, but it is a cheaper Shiatsu massage chair. In terms of design, we’ve seen superior looking chairs. There are things that could have been improved (such as adding padding to the armrests) and including some extra features would have been nice.

What Makes It Great

The affordability. Look, this recliner obviously isn’t the best. It does hold its own however and many people will find it to be an enjoyable option. Sitting in this chair will not be the same as sitting in those high-end, expensive luxury massage chairs that are often found inside of malls. With that said, the chair is still much better than your average recliner chair.

10. Panasonic Real Pro Ultra Prestige 3D Luxury Heated Massage Chair 3.7 out of 5 stars (3.7 / 5)

Panasonic Real Pro Ultra Prestige 3D Luxury Heated Massage Chair

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Panasonic has been making massaging sofa chairs for some time now. Despite their declining ownership of the market space, they are still thriving. This Real Pro Ultra Prestige 3D Luxury Heated Massage chair is a nice choice to go with if you’re looking for the bare-minimum massage chair you can find. It is a nice addition to most homes, but realistically it cannot compete with the other massage chairs. Again, for an entry-level chair it is decent and will be sufficient for most people. However, given the pricing it doesn’t really make sense to go with this chair when you can find much better massage chairs at a much cheaper cost.

What Makes These The Best Massage Chairs?

The following recliners are the greatest massaging chairs out there because of what they bring to the table. Contrary to popular belief, not every massage chair will feel heavenly and not every recliner that provides a massaging feature will do it well. People often believe that this is something that manufacturers have perfected but unfortunately, that is not the case. The chairs on this list are:

  • Comfortable– All of the chairs noted have excellent support for the body. The massaging system work in unity to provide an unbelievable experience.
  • Stylish– The massage chairs you see before you are all beautifully crafted and have eloquent designs. They can fit in virtually any room.
  • Durable– Durability is one of the most underrated factors when it comes to shopping for massage chairs. These are often very expensive products and they are built to last you 10+ years minimum.
  • Relaxing and Relieving– Almost tying into the level of comfortability. If these chairs do not make you feel relaxed and relieved, then they are not serving their purpose.

How much are you willing to spend?

you can slice quite a few potential option by answering this question. If you’re not willing to spend over $1,000 on a chair, then that cuts out about half of the chairs on this list. If you are willing to spend as much as $4,000, then there are not many massage chairs that you cannot afford.
In general though, figuring out your budgeting is a good way to get started. Even if a chair is outstanding in every way, if the price isn’t right it cannot be considered a worthy purchase.

What is the main thing you are looking for?

Many people who go into this do so with a purpose. For example, perhaps you work in an office and are forced to sit in a chair for the majority of your day.
Chances are that you will be looking for a massage chair that will relieve your back and spine of stress! Some chairs focus more on the foot massage while others focus more on the back or torso.
Some massaging units resemble recliners and others look like they belong in a different galaxy. Most of these massage chairs have different focal points in terms of what they are trying to accomplish on a smaller scale (such as massage locations and intensity) yet they all share one common goal in the end – to be the greatest massaging chair on the market.

What are the key features you want your chair to have?

There are not that many different features with massage chairs. There are a certain few notable things that are favored by people when it comes to these chairs. This includes things like:

  • Genuine leather
  • Deep tissue Shiatsu massage
  • Heating
  • Design/style
  • Measurements
  • Durability and longevity

The top massage chairs we’ve listed all have at least some of the attributes noted here. The most heavily demanded feature is a strong and intense massage (that’s what you’re likely buying it for), and it comes as no surprise.

Others value general seating comfortability above the massaging. Depending on what you like, you should be able to easily find any type of massaging sofa chair you want.

How The Best Massage Chairs Compare To Public Massage Recliners

There’s a very good chance that many of you have only been seated in public massaging chairs such as the ones found in malls. If this is the case, then you might be wondering how the chairs you see here will compare to those you’ve previously sat in. To tell you the truth, there really is not much difference.

Apart from those massage chairs being slightly clunkier and heavier, the biggest difference between the two is the fact that the chairs on our list are all much more customizable than public chairs. This is why they are the top rated massage chairs of the year.

However, it can depend. Typically public massage chairs will be of a different brand than the ones you’ll see on this list and with different brands come a different set of pro’s and cons. They may be worse or they may very well be better.

It is difficult to say whether or not these massage chairs are the best in regards to features and comfort, but we certainly believe so. It is also important to note that massaging recliners you find in malls, theaters, or salons will also be much more heavily used and worn-in than a brand new personal massage chair.

This can make a world of difference and it will definitely be something you’ll notice if you go ahead and purchase one.


There are just so many different massage chairs to choose from. It is entirely understandable why this process might frustrate you, and it is very wise to spend your time before making a purchase.

You certainly don’t want to make the wrong decision or purchase a massaging recliner chair that doesn’t meet your expectations – so it is for this reason why we stress carefully analyzing your options.

In general though, these chairs you see here are the best chairs that have a focus on massaging, and they are all thoroughly relaxing and comfortable to sit in. A couple of us actually fell asleep in these heavenly massage chairs! Whether it’s #1 on the list or #10, we hope you choose the best massaging chair for you!