Best Nursery Gliders

As a new parent, snuggle-time with your bundle of joy is such a warm feeling. For you to cuddle and bond with your child as much as possible, you need a suitable nursery glider.
News Flash: nursery gliders are not the cheapest things on the market.
Good News: We got your back with the best tips. Read on!
Since you are getting ready to purchase a nursery glider to rock your baby all-day-long, this is a great time to look at some do’s and don’ts to consider.

The Best Nursery Gliders:

Hoop Glider with Cushion Ottoman Set
  • massage and heat option
  • adjustable modern recliner
  • remote control
Newton Upholstered with Charcoal Glider Swivel Rocker
  • multipurpose swivel chair
  • perfect glider for nursery
  • great material fabric
Harper Night Sky Tufted Convertible Rocker
  • 6-large and spacious drawers
  • non-toxic plush polyester
  • matching feet

What is a Nursery Glider or Recliner?

Gliders are stationary reclining chairs, smoothly bouncing back and forth on a mechanism. They are often soundless and were designed to imitate the gently rocking motion babies are familiar with within the womb.

Don’t confuse a reclining glider with a rocker recliner, as rockers are much more aggressive in movements. While both offer calming effects on babies, today’s article will focus on nursery gliders.

Why Do I Need a Nursery Glider?

The truth is that you don’t really need a nursery glider, especially if you can’t afford one. However, you need to find a good alternative to use for rocking your child to sleep or just holding them. Most people make use of traditional sofas or rocking chairs, and you just have to find what works. Here is why you need a glider;

Comfort and Flexibility: Breastfeeding your child on a glider is much more comfortable for your back than on a traditional sofa or bed. That way, you don’t have to worry about backaches when you get up at 4 am to rock your child back to sleep.

Nursery gliders are also flexible as some design extensions allow you to prop up your baby without hurting yourself or the baby. Their flexibility allows for easy carriage, especially in and out of the car.

Cleans Easy: There is simply no avoiding messes around babies. Whether it’s a mess produced by them or caused by them, you want to make sure it’s on a surface that cleans easily. This is why nursery gliders are a piece of go-to furniture because they can be wiped clean quickly.

Multipurpose: Gliders can be used for a myriad of things. You can use it to snuggle, breast-feed, hold, and rock your baby to sleep. Some gliders also swivel as well as recline, which brings additional soothing perks.

Budget-friendly: Just because you can not afford a high-end custom-made nursery reclining glider doesn’t mean there isn’t one within your budget. From the most basic swivel chairs to the most embroidered rocking chair, you will find a glider within your set budget. All you have to do is know exactly what your glider must have, and that will help you narrow it down.

Now that you know the different benefits you can enjoy from purchasing a nursery glider let us look at the four(4) best nursery glider recliners.

The Best Nursery Gliders Reviews:

#1 Newton Upholstered with Charcoal Glider Swivel Rocker– Best Value Option

Newton Upholstered with Charcoal Glider Swivel Rocker

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The first choice on our list is the Newton upholstered glider that is an all-in-one, multipurpose swivel chair. This lounge-worthy glider is the perfect fit for a parent who intends to keep using it long after the child is grown. It’s a perfect glider for the nursery that can conveniently double as furniture for other parts of the house.

With this swivel glider chair and rocker, you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth and more. It comes with a lush performance fabric finish that is not only durable but soft to touch. The performance fabric is a great material that repels stains and moist, ensuring all-day long freshness.

This noiseless rocker can rotate 360 degrees, making it perfect for your bundle of joy to sleep peacefully through the night. It comes with glider and swivel functionalities, allowing for flexibility and fun.

This model was designed with top security in mind. You will also enjoy the lumbar support this metal framed swivel chair offers. It is also very easy to assemble.


  • Easy to put together
  • 360 degrees rocker
  • Noiseless rocker
  • Resistant to stain and moist
  • Spot clean
  • Soft and luxurious finish
  • Safe and sound
  • Perfect for other rooms


  • Might take up lots of space
  • No storage room

#2 Harper Night Sky Tufted Convertible Rocker- Lux Option

Harper Night Sky Tufted Convertible Rocker

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This gentle rocker is a great option for new mothers, thanks to its unique features. For one, it comes with 6-large and spacious drawers, which will always come in handy. With a non-toxic plush polyester upholstery, your baby’s delicate skin will remain healthy and safe from harm.

Another wonderful thing about this rocker is the matching feet that enable you to transform it into a stationary chair. The frames are made from wood, making it suitable for the nursery flooring. It also helps that this glider does not require too much effort to assemble.

Regarding how to care for this glider, you simply have to use a damp towel or cloth to spot-clean. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a removable recliner cover, so you have to be extra careful with hard stains. This rocker is


  • Non-toxic, soft finish
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to spot-clean
  • Can transform into a regular chair
  • Large storage space


  • A bit pricey
  • No removable cover
  • Doesn’t swivel

#3 Hoop Glider with Cushion Ottoman Set– Budget-friendly Option

Hoop Glider with Cushion Ottoman Set

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Are you looking for a great addition to your nursery? This affordable and smooth glider is perfect for you and the baby. The glider moves back and forth on metal ball-bearings, allowing your baby to sleep peacefully.

The durability of this swivel chair is undeniable, thanks to the all-solid-wood construction. The rich and plush polyester pads make it appealing to the eye as well as soft against the body. This ottoman set offers great support for your weight, and the pillows ease off your stress.

Another great thing about this glider is the removable cushions, which makes spot cleaner so much more convenient. If you are going under a budget, this might be one to consider, as it has all the necessary elements and safety precautions.


  • Not expensive
  • Easy to clean
  • Removable cushions to wash
  • Durable
  • Excellent lumbar support
  • Noiseless
  • Easy to assemble


  • Liable to break if exceeds the set weight
  • Irreparable if breaks

#4 Tuscany Espresso with Gray Cushion Glider and Ottoman Set

Tuscany Espresso with Gray Cushion Glider and Ottoman Set

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The Storkcraft Tuscany Espresso/Gray Cushions Glider and Ottoman are ideal for taller mothers. This is clearly seen from its longer back support. It’s a great addition to your nursery as it’s a noiseless swivel chair.

This ottoman set is sort-after by many, as evident by the raving reviews of users. You can rock your baby to sleep without this glider chair disturbing with squeaky sounds. You can rest assured that it won’t fall apart or prove a danger to your kid.

Another wonderful feature is the soft and elegant finish of this glider. The comfy and supportive polyester pads allow for stress-relief on your pressure points. Since you are dealing with a baby, there’s likely always going to be a mess; this spot cleanable cushions will make your life so much easier.


  • No squeaky noise
  • Ideal for tall mothers
  • Great for lumbar support
  • Soft and luxurious finish
  • Spot-cleanable cushions


  • Wood might break yo irreparable pieces

Factors to Consider When Buying a Nursery Glider

Construction and Material: One of the first things to consider besides pricing is the construction of your glider. Just by feeling the material with your hands will give you a perceived idea of its durability. If you are purchasing it online, then read the product detailing carefully for clarity of the construction method and materials used.

It’s always smart to make sure the materials used won’t cause any harm to your baby’s delicate skin. You want to avoid super hard materials or products without adequate padding. Some materials might not be suitable for certain climates; you want to check that, especially if you are ordering overseas.

Design: Needless to say that the price of your nursery recliner will always be influenced by design. The more complicated and sophisticated the design, the pricier the reclining glider. Check to make sure it tallies with your budget before getting too attached. If you are not limited by money, by all means, splurge all you want.

Comfort: Ensure that your reclining glider has enough support for your back. Also, make sure it’s tall enough for you to rest your head. One thing else to look out for, for comfort, is the material. As already mentioned, certain materials might be too hot or cold, depending on the climate or individual.

Safety: The good thing about walk-in stores is that you can immediately access the glider before purchasing. You want to ensure that all the parts are fixed into place and that nothing weird is sticking out. Must check out the safety options of the nursery glider or rocking recliner chair before purchasing it.

To further ensure safety, some gliders have safety locks as part of the design. The lock is there to prevent the rocking motion without adult supervision. You will be surprised how eager babies are to run their little fingers through every part of the glider in mere fascination.

Ease of Use: Babies tend to mess up the places around them with food or other liquids. This is why having a glider that is easy to clean will come in very handy. If you can get one with removable covers, that will ease up the cleaning process.

Size: The size factor might not be such a big deal for most people with large nurseries. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford such spacious living areas; hence, the need to compare the size of the glider to the nursery space. Sometimes, you don’t have a separate room for a nursery and have to fit the glider in your bedroom. This would be a good reason to go for a smaller and more compact swivel glider chair. It might be slightly more expensive if the design is sleek and compact. But, it will be worth it when it doesn’t take up all the room.

Great Reviews: Let’s face it; this is the 21st century, and everyone is ordering everything online. If you are unable to see and feel the glider in person, then use reviews to your advantage. Reviews will offer you more information about the product, the company, and the customer services than just relying on the product description.


Gliders weren’t just designed to tush up the esthetics of your nursery. They were meant to foster bonding in comfort for both the baby and the mother. All you have to do is look, and you will find the perfect glider for your baby’s nursery.

Before you go out to look for glider chairs, make sure you understand the features that matter the most to you. If you want a vegan option, get ready to spend a little more for it, as there aren’t that many in the market.