What Is The Best Push-Button Recliner? [Complete Guide]

Some circumstances or events in life, like old age, injuries, or sickness, may back you into a corner. Suddenly you’ll realize that you can’t move your body into certain positions or sit comfortably on a normal chair. But that won’t be the end of the road because the best push-button recliners are designed to fix that. 

Imagine the convenience of not having to stretch your arms, hands, or adjust your body to switch positions. All these movements have been reduced to the press of a button. Isn’t that cool?

Even better, there are chairs that offer way more than that to ensure you have the comfort and peace of mind you deserve. However, finding the best one isn’t as easy as doing a good search, picking the first two results, and placing an order.

First off, understand that push-button recliners are a bit different from power lift recliners (more about this later). You also need to consider factors such as reclining settings, chair size, material, and extras. That’s how I narrowed down these three best options. 

I’ll be walking you through the reviews and explaining the criteria I used to select the products. Let’s get into it.  

  At A Glance:  Our Top Push-Button Recliners

Pinnacle Platinum Power Lift Recliner
Pinnacle Platinum Power Lift Recliner w/ Massage & Heat
  • Infinite position design
  • Material: premium grade fabric 
  • Three heat settings and massage modes with adjustable speeds
Million Dollar Baby Classic Linden Electronic Recliner
Million Dollar Baby Classic Linden Electronic Recliner
  • Two-position design
  • Glides back and forth and has 360-degree swivel motion
  • Material: fabric and polyester
Yandel Power Lift Recliner
Yandel Power Lift Recliner
  • Infinite position design
  • Material: thick poly-fiber
  • Emergency battery backup

Best Push-Button Recliners — Reviews

1. Pinnacle Platinum Power Lift Recliner

Pinnacle Platinum Power Lift Recliner

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At the press of a button, this chair will recline to a flat position, extend its leg rest, and even take you from a seated to a standing position. And in all these positions, you are guaranteed superior comfort and safety. I know it sounds like a lot already, but guess what? That’s not even half of what’s been packed into this chair. 

Key Features

  • Infinite position design
  • Battery backup
  • Auto-stop
  • Material: premium-grade fabric 
  • 3 massage modes with adjustable speeds
  • 3 heat settings 
  • Over 400 cover choices
  • Limited life warranty 

The convenience of using this chair is almost unmatched. Its handy wired controller gives you the power to recline, sit, stand, or adjust to the zero-gravity position without any fuss. The best part is that all these functions can be controlled independently because there’s a separate electric motor for each. 

On the same controller, you have extra buttons for adjusting the various heat and massage modes to levels that are most comfortable for you. Should the power go out as you carry out all these functions, the battery backup will kick in to ensure the smooth continuation of your operations. 

Back to comfort, the high-grade fabric ensures physical ease and relaxation for the entire time you will be seated or resting on the chair. At the same time, you have premium material and finishes that evoke a feeling of luxury. 


  • Independent back and leg rest motion makes the chair more convenient and comfortable
  • The zero gravity position is great for easing pressure on the spine and lower back
  • Massage and heat modes add to the chair’s comfort and versatility 
  • Over 400 cover choices means there’s an option to match your interior decor and lifestyle 
  • Auto-stop guarantees your safety when the power goes out


  • More expensive than its rivals but worth the price
  • It may take you a bit time to master the button functions

Like most La-Z-Boy recliners, Pinnacle Platinum Power Lift Recliner has been around for a long time and has continued to be the go-to chair for the elderly, people with back problems, and those recovering from surgery or injuries. All its premium features make it a solid buy, and provided you take good care of it, it will serve you for a long time. 

2. Million Dollar Baby Classic Linden Electronic Recliner

Million Dollar Baby Classic Linden Electronic Recliner

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A lot went into making this chair an all-rounder. It’s designed to provide comfort and peace of mind and promotes environmental conservation through the use of eco-friendly materials. And no, the materials did not compromise its beauty at all; it’s stylish and pleasing to the eyes. 

Key Features

  • Two-position design
  • Glides back and forth
  • 360-degree swivel motion
  • Material: fabric and polyester
  • USB port included 

You won’t miss the buttons on this chair because the control panel is placed on the inner side of the armrest. It’s one of the easiest to use because you only have two buttons to operate the back and leg rest. Since it uses a single motor, both functions work simultaneously. 

Besides those two positions, the chair can glide back and forth and also move in a 360-degree motion, making it more versatile. 

Another profound thing about this chair is its eco-friendly fabric and polymer, both made from recycled materials. Even the foam is environment-friendly as well. Not only is the chair good-looking but it’s also resistant to water and stains.


  • Multiple positions for extra comfort 
  • The two extra positions are great for feeding a baby and rocking them to sleep 
  • USB ports add to the recliner’s convenience 
  • Soft cushioning and plush arm rests increase the chair’s comfort 
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certification makes it one of the most eco-friendly push-button recliners 


  • No lift function to enable the user get out of a seated position but the extra positions compensate for that

It’s eco-friendliness aside, Million Dollar Baby Classic Linden Electronic Recliner is great for unwinding. It’s the chair you want to come back to after a long day at work. It’s also great for parents taking care of a toddler. 

3. Yandel Power Lift Recliner

Yandel Power Lift Recliner

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Very few recliners blend style and functionality as effortlessly as this Yandel power lift recliner does. It’s been upholstered to perfection and is well-equipped to provide custom comfort positioning at the touch of a button. 

Key Features

  • Infinite position design
  • Material: thick poly-fiber
  • Emergency battery backup
  • One-year limited warranty

There is a range of positions for you to explore on this recliner by only pressing a button. All the controls are smooth and quiet enough that the person next to you won’t hear the movements. 

You can recline the chair to a horizontal position, although it won’t get to the level where your feet are resting above your heart. Its leg rest can also be lowered or extended separately, allowing you to adjust yourself to a position that guarantees maximum comfort. What’s more, the chair can slant to get the user back on their feet. 

In all these positions, you get full-body comfort, enhanced further by the high back position, thick cushions, and thick poly-fiber. 


  • Dual motors for separately operating the back and leg rest make the chair more convenient
  • Quiet and smooth operation adds to its suitability
  • Saddle brown upholstery mimics leather, giving the seat a lavish look
  • Comfortable cushioning for relaxation


  • Too big to fit in small spaces 

People with disabilities or the elderly would find peace and comfort in using this recliner because it’s easier to operate, relaxing, and quiet. Ever since it came into being, the feedback from users has stayed positive. It’s a purchase you will not regret. 

What’s A Push-Button Recliner?

Just as the name says, push-button recliners are operated by the press of a button. It could be on the chair or on a remote. What the button controls varies from chair to chair. 

You may be able to control the reclining and sitting positions in some chairs while others let you raise the chair from a seated to a standing position. For that function, though, the chair would need an additional electric motor. 

Compared to lever-operated or other manual recliners, push-button recliner chairs are easier to operate and suited for people who have limited strength and/or mobility. No effort is needed to adjust the chair, plus it has a long list of health benefits, from helping with spinal alignment and conditions such as arthritis and joint disorders to relieving stress on joints and increasing blood circulation.

How To Choose The Best Push-Button Recliner Chair 

The rules for choosing push-button recliner chairs are similar to those for finding the perfect standard recliner. But there are a few additional factors you would want to consider for this particular chair. I’ll begin with those before looking at the rest. 

Reclining Settings

You will come across three common configurations while shopping: two-position, three-position, and infinite. Although the majority have either one or two motors, some push-button recliners have an additional electric motor that can raise the chair to a standing position. 


The two-position chairs have a single motor and can recline to a 45-degree angle from the upright position, making them great for reading, watching TV, or offering temporary assistance due to an operation or injury. Pressing the button reclines the chair while at the same time extending the footrest. You can’t operate the two functions separately, unfortunately.  


Three-position push-button recliners can recline to an almost flat position, but they still run on a single motor that operates both the back and footrest at the same time. You can also position it anywhere between its travel distance but in its reclined position; it’s best for people who have an issue lying fat. 


Infinite-position push-button recliners can recline to a flat position to mimic a bed. If you have swelling in your leg or ankles, this would be the perfect chair for you because you can rest your feet above the heart. Unlike the other two options, it has double motors and separate buttons for controlling the back and footrest. You can, for instance, have it in the upright position with the footrest extended.

Chair Size

Recliners, including the push-button-operated ones, come in various sizes. You have to be sure that the option you have settled on can fit well into your space and also suit the user’s weight and size. 

Have all the necessary measurements before you go shopping, from the preferred width and depth to height and current weight. 


Push-button recliners are made with different materials. Common options include faux leather, fabric, cotton, synthetic fibers, and linen. Go for a material that suits your interior decor, lifestyle, budget, and other needs you may have. 


Some push-button chairs offer more than you need to add to your comfort. It could be a USB port, cup holder, side pocket for storing the remote, or massage option. Such features may, however, hike the cost. Only go for chairs that include them if you feel that they are essential or can add to the joy of using the recliner. 

Please talk to a physician if you are planning to buy this chair for health reasons. You may be able to get it covered by Medicare if the physician acknowledges its necessity and shares the information with your insurer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Push-Button Recliners Worth It?

Recliners generally have lots of benefits. However, push-button recliners aren’t designed for everyone. The question of whether it is worth having, therefore, depends on your individual needs. 

An average person would only find such a chair valuable if the comfort and positions provided are suitable for their specific needs. However, seniors, people with disabilities, parents with toddlers, and anyone fresh from surgery or nursing injuries would find a push-button recliner perfect for their condition or state. 

You only have to narrow down your choices to options that accommodate your desired movements and budget. 

How Does A Push-Button Recliner Work?

These chairs have electric motors that control their movements. Some, as you have noticed, have a single motor, while others use dual motors. Pressing a button activates a motor that controls the specific function you have chosen. It could be reclining, extending the leg rest, or lifting the chair. 

Is A Push-Button Recliner Similar To A Power Lift Recliner? 

These two options are more similar than they are different. Both are automated and have buttons for controlling their positions and other functions. A manual push-button recliner can move in an array of positions just like a power lift recliner. 

However, what defines a power lift recliner is the ability to tilt from a seated to a sitting position. The other positions are secondary functions. Push-button recliners can lack such a function but still be acceptable provided they can recline and lift or lower the leg rest. 

And The Best Push-Button Recliner Chair Is…

If you aren’t on a tight budget and would love a push-back recliner that does the job and goes the extra mile to ensure you have superior comfort and peace of mind, look no further than the Pinnacle Platinum Power Lift Recliner. 

Whichever position you would love to sit or rest in, this chair can adjust to it. All the while, you will have a long list of features to intensify your comfort, from massage and heat settings to soft and relaxing cushions. It’s also moderately sized, safer, and available in a wide range of colors to match your decor and style. 

The other two options are equally great. You only need to pick a recliner that satisfies you the most and aligns with your individual needs.