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When you care about something, you accessorize it however necessary to ensure its preservation. Recliners are no different; many people choose the option to get recliner covers for their chairs to make sure that in the case that something can harm the material, the recliner is protected by the cover. This is surely the best way to go with protecting reclining chairs, and it is actually a great way to protect general furniture as well. These covers are generally quite cheap so this aspect of shopping for these products should be the least of your worries. If you’ve yet to find a recliner for you, you might want to start out by checking out our page of the best reliners. As you can probably tell, these items are becoming more and more fashionable and it isn’t uncommon for people to buy these things just for the aesthetic aspect.



The Best Recliner Covers Of 2019



1. Sofa Shield Reversible Furniture Protector

The Sofa Shield Furniture Protector is the best-selling cover being sold through Amazon, and for good reason because this is an outstanding product by Sofa Shield.


  • Perfect for pets
  • Color variety
  • Matching designs for all furniture types


  • Not the best sofa cover with leather



2. Deluxe Reversible Quilted Furniture Protector

Home Fashion Designs came out with a nice recliner slipcover here; it’s one that is highly popular. This is a great cover that will completely protect your chair from the rougher things like pet  scratches, while also providing you the peace of mind knowing it will protect from pet hair and dusts as well.


  • Heavily padded
  • Very comfortable slipcover
  • Reversible design


  • Small for some chairs
  • Doesn’t feature all furniture types



3. Furniture Fresh Anti-slip Grip Furniture Protector

There’s no such thing as a “luxury” recliner slipcover but if there was such a thing, this one by Furniture Fresh could probably make a case for being one. It’s soft, protective, and stylish all at once – certainly one of the best furniture covers we’ve come across. It is also water repellent.


  • Extremely thick and protective
  • Water resistant microsuede
  • Strap included
  • Protective of upholstery


  • Less color variety



4. Collections Quilted Reversible Slipcover

As one of the most popular options in this department, this reclining sofa cover carries the load of much criticism but plenty more appreciation. For the price, its a good option and it is sufficient enough for mosts’ needs. It is one recliner chair cover that is great for a large recliner.


  • Protects from stains & messes
  • Color variety
  • Affordability
  • One piece


  • Not waterproof
  • Cushion cover doesn’t always stay in place



5. Stretch Sensations Crossroads Slipcover

This isn’t your typical reclining chair cover because it strays away from the tradition of not covering the entire recliner and leaving spots vulnerable. With this model from Stretch Sensations however, we can see that the entire body of the chair is covered and this benefits the sofa furniture by protecting it fully with microfiber technology. The wash leaves you with a clean, fresh sofa slipcover.


  • Completely protects the body
  • Machine washable
  • Can fit most chairs
  • Stretch fabric
  • Beautiful chocolate brown sofa cover


  • Not very durable
  • Elastic prone to damage



6. Maytex Stretch 4-Piece Recliner Slipcover

Here we are faced with yet another full-body recliner cover, and that’s awesome. These are less common in the market but are slowly rising up through the ranks as it is really a tremendous chair protector. It is very stretchy, and can fit even the largest recliner chair variations making it a perfect fit.


  • Completely covers most recliners
  • Very protective
  • Durable
  • Easy care


  • Can get difficult to put on seat cover



7. Elegante Luxurious Reversible Recliner Cover

They call this recliner slipcover “luxurious’ but really it isn’t all that special. It’s nice don’t get us wrong about that, but luxurious? Perhaps a better word would be average. On a typical loveseat, this ultra soft, snug sofa slipcover will protect your furniture sufficiently once you tuck in the straps.


  • Soft & comfortable
  • Stays in place
  • Looks nice


  • Not very durable
  • Not very protective



8. Adalyn Collection Quilted Furniture Protection

Maybe not one of the more popular options, but still a nice pick-up nevertheless. This Adalyn came out of nowhere and surprised us in the reviewing process; it’s one of the chair slipcovers we can surely recommend. It will make your club chair look new again.


  • Protects from just about anything
  • Mostly comfortable
  • Helps fabric sofa breathe




9. GPD Heavy-Weight Luxury Microsuede Recliner Cover

Out of all of the reclining sofa slipcovers we’ve seen today, this one takes the cake as most luxurious, and you can probably tell just by looking at its price. It’s certainly worth it because this is a fantastic product, and it makes the footrest feel tremendous. We were pleasantly surprised when reviewing this cover. The look and feel will brighten any room.


  • Thick-layered
  • Water resistant
  • Multiple sizings
  • Great protection from dog hair


  • Low color variation



10. Miles Kimball Waterproof Quilted Recliner Protector

Last but certainly not least is the Miles Kimball waterproof quilted recliner cover. This is a really nice and sleek product at a fair price and we really couldn’t recommend it any more than we already have.


  • Extremely soft & comfortable
  • Good looks
  • Protective
  • Color variety



Why Should You Use A Slipcover?

Anyone who has ever owned a recliner for many years understands that they can often deteriorate in quality. They often do after long periods of time. It is for this reason that buying a great recliner slipcover is extremely important  – you want to preserve the materials of your chair. At a relatively cheap cost,  you can extend the lifespan of your recliner by many many years. This is something you really shouldn’t cheap out on as you’d likely end up regretting that decision.


What Makes These The Best Recliner Covers?

There are a couple of reasons as to why these are listed as the greatest covers for recliners. First, they are affordable. Nobody wants to spend more than the market value for anything, and this is true for slipcovers. Secondly, they protect. This is what is really most important – we want to ensure that if you choose to use these products, they work. We can say without a doubt that these products work as advertised. They are also comfortable and durable. In some cases, users even noted their recliner chair being more comfortable than it was previously without it being covered. These slipcovers are also so durable that even your pet can’t destroy them!


How Do I Choose a recliner cover?

You must find something that works well with your given recliner. Not every single product listed here will be compatible with the chair you have at home, so you want to be sure you’re choosing the right one. You can determine whether or not it is a good fit by looking at product reviews and reading descriptions intensively. As a last resort, you may also want to contact the seller directly to get a better and more accurate answer. If you know that a cover is compatible, then you can be more picky about certain elements such as size, shape, color, and level of durability. Certain products are also better in certain situations such as with pets, water damage, etc.


The Verdict

The truth is that all of these products are great and work just how you’d expect them to, so that should be the thing you’re least worried about. It is now up to you to make a decision based on your needs and desires; these recliner covers should handle them. Whether its for protection or just for looks, a recliner slipcover is a must with most chairs.

These recliner covering devices are excellent for protecting and covering up all types of pieces of furniture including kids recliner chairs, theater recliners, gaming chairs, and even some massage chairs. Depending on what you’re looking for, you might even benefit from taking a look at our computer chairs for long hours.