Best RV Recliners & Wall Huggers To Buy In 2023

rv reclinersA big part of what makes an RV great is the environment within the confines of the vehicle. For the most part, your passengers will likely be seated for the majority of the ride, and this makes their seating a very important factor. For the most comfort, a great RV recliner chair or wall hugger is your best bet. They’re soft, stable, durable, & best of all – they fit your limited space within the RV.

At A Glance: Our Top 5 Picks for RV Recliners & Wall Huggers

This list of the best RV recliners includes very stylish recliners, a fact that makes them the best option to buy this year. If you’re looking for other recliners, check out our review of the best recliners. If your RV space is not limited and you’re into the good life, feel free to check out our list of massage recliners as well as our list of reclining bed or loveseats.

The Best Rated RV Recliners Of The Year Reviewed:

RecPro Charles Double Zero Wall Hugger RV Sofa
  • Durable and easy to clean Faux Leather
  • Space saving zero wall recliners
  • Easy installation
Two RecPro Charles SGR Swivel Glider RV Recliners
  • Unique modular design
  • Padded head rest, back, and seat cushion
  • Durable and easy to clean
RecPro Charles Triple RV Zero Wall Hugger Recliner Set
  • Color: Mahogany
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Space saving zero wall recliners
Homelegance Double RV reclining Loveseat
  • Durable
  • Bonded leather
  • Comfortable and luxurious
Flash Furniture Contemporary Palimino Leather RV Chair
  • Recliner and ottoman set
  • Integrated headrest
  • Plush arms
THOMAS PAYNE Swivel Glider Recliner
  • Supportive high-density foam covered in low-maintenance upholstery
  • Grantland Doeskin
  • Offered in Different Colors
Berri Swivel Recliner with Flared Arms BeigeCUSTOMER PICK
Berri Swivel Recliner with Flared Arms Beige
  • Vinly, foam and metal
  • Only in Beige
  • Flared Arms

1. RecPro Charles Double Zero Wall Hugger RV Sofa 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

RecPro Charles Double Zero Wall Hugger RV reclining sofa

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As far as double RV reclining sofas go, this may be the best unit to purchase at this time. The units are plush, firm, and durable. Surprisingly this double RV chair set is also quite affordable making it a great buy.

The RecPro is relatively easy to clean and though it is not the most lightweight RV furniture set, you won’t find moving it as difficult as you might think. This set comes in four different color schemes and they’re all stylish. Fill your RV with the best recliners now and make it the most homey environment you’ve ever had!

BIFMA certified:No
Dimensions:54 1/2″W x 36″D x 39″H
Material:;Faux Leather (Polyurethane)
Mobility:Seats two people, which makes it harder to move

2. Two RecPro Charles SGR Swivel Glider RV Recliners 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Two RecPro Charles SGR Swivel Glider RV Recliners

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When looking for recliners for RV’s, the challenge can get pretty daunting because of the enormous quantity of options you have to choose from. Do you want a double set or individual recliners? If you’d prefer to have your RV chairs separate, then these chairs might be for you.

They are very similar to the first set on our list but they differ in that these are individual units and are not attached to one another. The benefit is that you have more mobility and freedom with your seat. The downside is that recliner may move more easily when the RV is being driven especially with the swivel base. These leather rocker recliner chairs come in up to 5 different color schemes.

BIFMA certified? No
Dimensions: 37″L x 30″W x 39″H
Material: Leather
Flexibility: 30″ Swivel Glider
Mobility: Lighter than other recliners

3. RecPro Charles Triple RV Zero Wall Hugger Recliner Set 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

RecPro Charles Triple RV Zero Wall Hugger Recliner Set

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RecPro Charles also makes triple RV sofa sets for three-person recline seating. This is one of the best options to go with if you have large amounts of space that need to be filled in your RV or if you prefer to keep everything attached. Many people prefer the 2-piece and 3-piece models just because it makes everything much easier.

Double and triple RV sofa sets are easier to fit, clean, and generally they look more fitting in a vehicle than single recliners do. This triple recliner set is quite stylish and comes with four different color variations. Whether or not you want 1, 2, or 3 recliners to be attached will totally come down to person preference. Generally, many people like to have more attached.

BIFMA certified:No
Dimensions: 76 1/2″W x 36″D x 39″H
Material:Faux Leather (Polyurethane)
Flexibility:Wall recliners (must be 3″ from wall to allow clearance to fully recline)
Mobility:Three-seater, hard to rotate due to how much space it takes up

4. Homelegance Double RV reclining Loveseat 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

Homelegance Double RV reclining Loveseat

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Homelegance is known to make some absolutely fascinating furniture and some camper recliners that last. This particular loveseat sofa is not made exclusively for RV’s, though it can certainly fit well in one.

This sofa set can be used inside of a bedroom, vehicle, theater, or wherever you see fit! Speaking from personal experience, this is easily one of the most comfortable recliner sets for RV’s on the market to date. The backrest is ideal for sleepers and those who love to lean back. If it were made exclusively for RV’s, this product would be #1 on our list just because of how comfortable and luxurious it is.

BIFMA certified: No
Dimensions:38″ x 37.5″ x 38.5″H
Material:Black bonded leather, Nylon, Foam, Mesh, and Steel
Mobility:Bulky, hard to move

5. Flash Furniture Contemporary Palimino Leather RV Recliner Chair 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Flash Furniture Contemporary Palimino Leather RV recliner Chair

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If you’re looking for a cheaper option in your search for the perfect RV chair, then this Flash Furniture leather recliner might be the choice for you. It is clearly less bulky and more mobile, yet you’re not really losing much comfort!

There is no pull-out reclining mechanism so you’ll have to carry the ottoman wherever you go (included in the purchase). Though it looks like a gaming recliner or a computer chair, this leather recliner can fit perfectly in your RV and make a great addition to your vehicle. I would suggest purchasing them in multiples to keep your RV looking clean and elegant, and the chair and ottoman combo work beautifully.

BIFMA certified:No
Dimensions:44.5 x 34 x 41.25 inches
Material:Foam, Wood, Polyurethane, Leather
Mobility:Bulky, hard to rotate

6. THOMAS PAYNE Swivel Glider RV Recliner – Grantland Doeskin 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

THOMAS PAYNE Swivel Glider Recliner

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Supportive high-density foam Low-maintenance upholstery Fully Reclined Depth: 63 After a long day of adventure, relax in the cozy and luxurious Lippert Components Thomas Payne Swivel Glider RV Recliners. One of the best wall huggers, RV recliner is easy to swivel and recline, and it will complement the interior of your RV as one of the best wall huggers. Pros: Swivels & reclines nicely Simple, classic design Available in multiple colors Cons: Uncomfortable Hard to move The backrest is slightly too low BIFMA certified? No Dimensions 32″ x 38″ x 40″ Material Leather Flexibility Fully Reclined Depth: 63″ Mobility Heavy to move

7. Berri Swivel RV Recliner with Flared Arms 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

Berri Swivel RV Recliner with Flared Arms

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Bone-colored leatherette swivel recliner. Mechanism for reclining. A swivel function is included. One of the best wall huggers, The Berri Swivel RV Recliners features flared arms and is part of Coaster’s Berri range. The best wall huggers are 55 inches long when the footrest is open and when it is reclined. It’s relatively easy to clean recliner, and despite the fact that it’s not the lightest RV furniture package RV recliners, moving it might not be as difficult as you would think. Pros: Multicolored Modern, sleek look Long and high backrest for extra support Cons: Expensive Light color might get dirty Hard to move around BIFMA certified? No Dimensions 5 x 5 x 5 inches Material Leather Flexibility Swivels & reclines Mobility Awkward shape to move

What Makes These The Best Recliners For RV’s?rv sofa

These are undoubtedly the best RV reclining sofa chairs for a number of reasons. The main reason these are listed as the best recliner chairs for the RV is that they are extremely comfortable and often come with lumbar support. To us, comfort level comes before all else, and we’ve found that these recliners are very, very comfortable.

The products we have listed are also very stylish – they all come in many different color variations so you don’t have to desperately search for something that matches your RV. Next, these chairs are actually quite affordable when you put things into perspective and compare to the prices of RV sofa chairs listed on other websites. Combine comfort, style, mobility, & affordability – and you get the best RV chairs. They are also great for kids.

How To Choose The Perfect RV Recliners

We understand – actually sitting down and choosing a model (or models) to go with is not the easiest of tasks. Depending on the layout of your RV and what kind of theme you’re going for, you should be able to narrow it down. Remember, we’re not talking about a massage recliner (though some have amazing headrest cushions and footrest cushioning), but they are still fantastic to kick back, lift your feet up in after a long day. Swiveling is not common amongst these bonded leather modern recliner chairs, as it is not very convenient in a moving vehicle.

Some prefer sets of two’s, three’s, and some people would rather just purchase recliners individually and go from there. Once you figure out which layout you prefer, the rest gets infinitely easier. These are some of the things you should take a look at when buying a reclining loveseat or comfortable chair for your RV:


Easily the most important aspect of not only RV chairs, but all chairs in general. What would be the purpose of purchasing a piece of furniture if it uncomfortable to use? It would not make much sense to do such a thing. Determine how comfortable the RV chair would be not only in the short term, but in the long term as well. See how your upper back, lower back, and spine feel after using it for some time. Only then will you be able to tell if this RV sofa is right for you. There are more comfortable options out there as opposed to uncomfortable options, but it is still a wise move to study the available products.


At first, you may be asking yourself what exactly we mean by this. Since these recliners are made almost exclusively for being in RV’s, the must be adaptable. Moving furniture in and out of small spaces is not something fun, believe me. If the manufacturer finds a way to make the RV and wall huggers more mobile, then that is a positive. Do not underestimate this key element. Once you see the pain of having to load and unload heavy recliner chairs into a mobile home or RV, you will fully understand why this is an important part.


To few it doesn’t matter, but to most it does. The furniture on the interior of your RV is much like the furniture you have in your own home – you want it to look good and feel good, not only to yourself but your guests as well. When you have RV chairs that are designed beautifully, you can feel better about your purchase and they can be eye candy as well as heavenly thrones. If you fall into the category of people who do not care much, you may want to reconsider your stance on the matter.


Surprisingly enough, recliners for RV’s can sometimes be cheaper to purchase than traditional recliners. Ideally, you want to have a nice ratio of cost to quality. Most decent quality RV chairs are under $700, and almost all are under $1,000. Finding an affordable recliner chair for RV’s is not the most difficult task in the world and you’ll find yourself surprised at the amount of variety available.


Lastly, we will focus on the materials of each respective RV seat. You will want to make a purchase that is dependant on your situation. For example, leather recliners might be fantastic for those who are going to do a lot of camping in northern states during the winter, but they might not be so great for those visiting Mexico in the middle of the summer.

You may have an excellent air conditioner, but it does not matter. It is important to be smart with your decision making here. Certain materials are more effective or ineffective and it varies on a case by case basis. Leather is usually king in furniture but again, it is not always the case.

Why These Are The Top 5 RV Recliners

You may be asking what in particular makes these products the very best. When it comes to reclining chairs for RV’s, motor-homes, or campers, what you want most is a product that is comfortable and that is durable. Just like you would want a relaxing recliner in your own home, you will want one in your recreational vehicle. The very best RV chairs should last at least 10+ years (with regular use) and will hopefully be very comfortable.

These products also need to be heavier than your traditional recliner chair that would be in your home. This is because your RV will obviously not be stationary at all times and a lightweight/unstable recliner may move all over the place. This is also why these chairs are often referred to as “wall huggers”. The back of the chair should be hugging the wall tightly to ensure that it does not slide anywhere and stays stationary.

It isn’t a secret that there are a lot of RV reclining sofas on the market. However, many of them of are poor quality making the filtering process a lot more difficult than it has to be. We’ve hand-picked the very greatest RV chairs after studying the market for many months and testing dozens of products. Because of their level’s of comfort, structure, design, and durability, these products have made our list of best chairs for recreational vehicles.

Bottom Line About RV Seating & Chairs

There are so many different wall hugger loveseat recliners for RV’s to choose from. Thankfully, the list of ones that are actually great and worth buying is not so big. The biggest challenge you will encounter when shopping for furniture for the RV will be decision making. So many excellent choices are available at such great prices that it can give you headache! Be sure to consult with those around you to narrow it down to the best options for your RV.

Oftentimes, we don’t get the opportunity to actually test out the products before purchasing them. In such instances, it is vital that we form some general opinion of the product through online reviews and other mediums. The recreational vehicle chairs you will see on our list have been tested and purchased thousands of times making them “safe bets”. Still, it is important that enough research is done before every purchase.

Consider what kind of layout your RV has and what recliner chairs will look and fit the best within your vehicle. Determine the actual dimensions of each prospective purchase and measure the inside of your RV, and visualize where each chair will be placed to get a feel for whether or not it is the right look or style. Remember, comfort is a huge part of your RV, so make sure you choose wisely! In order to protect these RV reclining chairs the best you can, we suggest using a slipcover.