Buying Used Recliners

used recliner chair
Buying used recliners always guarantee a lowered price for a (sometimes) perfect or near-perfect quality recliner. If you decide to buy a second hand recliner, you have to be a little bit more careful when making your pick. You can also get used recliners that are nearly perfect by checking out some of the recliners here. Most of these recliners were bought, slightly used, and then returned. You will NOT get a bad recliner. If you decide to buy elsewhere, here’s some things you should consider.

Always See The Product In Person

If you aren’t buying through a trusted source like Amazon, it’s hard to trust that something will be good with only the sellers “good word”. It is for reasons such as this one why we don’t suggest you buy your recliners on websites like Ebay. If you buy recliners without seeing them in person, you could be in for a big surprise (and not a pleasant one either). Buying used recliners without sitting in them is like buying used cars without ever driving them. If you’re not buying off of, see the product in person.

Test Out All Functionalities

Taking a quick seat in the recliner isn’t really going to telling you much about the quality of the chair or how it’s been maintained. Once you take a seat, pull the reclining lever. Does it squeak? Is it sticky? Take these factors into consideration. Make sure to test out the heating & massage on all levels to certify that you’re satisfied with what you’re buying. Rock back and forth a few times to make sure everything is smooth. If you do out that one of the functionalities has an issue, you’ll have to decide whether or not you are okay with it. If it squeaks when rocking but you don’t mind (or you know how to fix it), and you feel that the recliner is mostly in good shape, then you can feel more comfortable in buying the product. Make sure it’s not rocking or sliding. If you don’t know how to deal with this, check out “how to stop a recliner from rocking and sliding” page.

Ask Questions

We suggest that you ask questions about the recliner. After all, it is your right as a potential buyer to know everything about what you’re considering buying. Ask about how long they’ve owned the chair, how often it was used, if they ever had to fix it, and more questions of this nature. this ties in with testing all the functionalities. Sometimes there’s things you don’t know that the seller knows. If they’re a good vendor, they won’t have any problems answering your questions.

Optional: Negotiate

If you feel strongly about a certain recliner but don’t agree wit the asking price, there’s no shame in asking for a reduction. This is the beauty in buying used products; you have the ability to tilt the price! If a used recliner is being sold for $150 and you come to discover that the reclining function is broken, you can ask the seller if they’re willing to go down to $100 (or lower, depending on how important reclining is to you). If they don’t budge, no problem. You’ll find another recliner elsewhere. If they do, then you’ll have your very own recliner for a fair price!