Deluxe Heavily Padded Contemporary Kids Recliner Review

The Deluxe Heavily Padded Contemporary Kids Recliner is a fan favorite. The kids recliner might not look like much and impress you at first but it packs a punch! If you know anything about recliners for kids (or have kids test this chair), you will know that this recliner provides basically just about everything that a kid could ask for in a recliner. It has a level of comfort-ability that is well above average, and is leaking into the more expensive section of such recliners. Click here to view it.

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As you can probably see, the image to the left does a good job at advertising just how plush the recliner really is. Of course, you will never really know until your little one takes a seat!


This is the major strength of this kids recliner. No, it may not look the best. And no, it doesn’t come with a cupholder or any other technology you might see on a grown-ups recliner (like the ones here), but what does a child really need? For most kids, the answer is purely and solely comfort. They don’t need a swivelling, massaging, heating, sandwich making massage. All you want them to be is comfortable, and that is something we can guarantee is provided with this chair.


The Deluxe Heavily Padded Contemporary is a mostly durable kids recliner. The one major area of weakness we could identify with this chair was the somewhat weak and fragile joints/hinges underneath the chair that enables the reclining function. We noticed this because after a short while, our recliner would squeak when pulling the reclining lever. At first, we couldn’t figure out for the life of us why this had happened. After some extensive research and pondering, we finally realized that the cause of this noisy hiccup was the face that the kids would throw themselves into the chair. Maybe once or twice or even ten times this recliner will just take the pain, but if it is made a habit then there is no doubt in my mind that your child’s recliner will become squeaky just like ours.


As you can probably tell from the name of this creation, the recliner is heavily padded. This means that is extra plush and extra soft when compared with other recliners, and we know that you probably want just that for your child. The softness was actually a major factor of why the kids would throw themselves onto the recliner (and ultimately damage it). It was so soft, that they wouldn’t feel any pain when throwing themselves onto it. As far as materials go, we weren’t ecstatic about them. It’s no leather, not even PU leather, but it isn’t so bad that it’ll make your child chafe or anything like that. It is manufactured with a microfiber finish, some will love it while others might hate it.


When taking account of all factors, the overall design of the recliner is quite stylish. We see no reason as to why any child would not want to use it. The recliner actually comes in a few different colors so you might want to take a look into that if you have any worries about your child staining the chair. We understand how important things like this can be to you or your child, so we appreciate the fact that recliner manufacturers all over the world are implementing multiple designs, pattern schemes, and color options for you to pick from.

The Verdict

We put this recliner so high on the list for a reason, it gets the job done. When we took a look at everything there is to take a look at, there was no doubt or hesitation about which kids recliner should be at the top. The Deluxe Heavily Padded Contemporary Kids Recliner is fantastic, and it is one of the better chairs for kids being sold this year.