Divano Roma Bonded Leather Recliner Review

Just like with the Roundhill leather recliner, we didn’t know or hear much about Divano Roma. But unlike with the Roundhill, we just had to try this recliner out for ourselves and didn’t hesitate to place the order. It looks like a tier 3 recliner (being more expensive and luxurious) but you wouldn’t know that from looking at the price. This Divano Roma recliner is extremely affordable and should surely be considered as a pickup for those who want something looking more luxurious at a better price. To view this product, click here.


Divano Roma Furniture Recliner Chair
Divano Roma Furniture Recliner Chair
It has ultra plush and confortable for living room.

You can probably tell from this image that this recliner looks more on the expensive side, but surprisingly isn’t. It’s one of the cheapest recliners you can get that would look like this.

Major Features of Divano Roma Furniture Recliner Chair

Swivel Rotation

Big recliners like from Divano Roma and Roundhill virtually never will feature swivelling rotation capabilities and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you’re looking for chairs with swivel rotation, you can take a look at our selection of best recliners. Not all of them have swiveling rotation, but many do.


Divano Roma recliner is not a massage recliner.


Heating is not something that this Divano Roma recliner features, but some of their recliners do have this ability.


The cushioning on this recliner is quite good, and considering its price you can even say it is great. It’s not as soft as some other chairs and certain areas of it try to be more firm (footrest in particular) and that’s something that we sometimes like, and sometimes don’t like. It all depends on how it is done and where. The overall cushioning of this recliner is above average. Keep the cushioning of your chair pristine by using a recommended recliner cover.

Rocking and Reclining

This chair has both rocking and reclining which satisfies us. We’re always glad to find out that a hefty recliner has the ability to rock because that’s certainly no something that would be required of them.


It is a comfortable chair, but there is room to grow. For the current price range, it is understandable why it hasn’t reached its full potential and why it isn’t the best comfort recliner to buy, so we won’t critique that aspect of it. The footrest is made extra firm which is something we enjoy and didn’t expect, but now that’s something we’re fans of.


Design is something that this Divano Roma chair really wins at. It looks better than almost all recliners of that price which is probably a big indicator of why it sells so well, but we just wish the comfort lived up to its design. It has a wider frame for maximum comfort and that is a feature we can always appreciate, no matter the manufacturer.


Our overall impressions of this recliner is that it is good and can perfectly fit the title of being one of the “best recliners on a budget“. We can’t and won’t judge it too harshly because it’s a complete bargain and looks great. The comfort level is not bad and it is in the same ballpark as most other tier 2 recliners. It’s not a tier 3 recliner like the Roundhill so we won’t disrespect that recliner by comparing this one to it, but in terms of looks it is up there with the best of them.