Dorel Living Padded Recliner Vs. ANJ Contemporary Theater Recliner

While it may not look like much of a competition to some (due to the ANJ recliner lacking in features) it certainly is a competition and a tough one at that. On our list of recliners, we made it quite clear that we think very highly of the ANJ despite it not having any real features. It’s simple, but eloquent and normal-looking, but luxurious. Meanwhile, you have a very good looking recliner with the Dorel Living chair in itself, making this a tough decision.

Dorel Living Padded Recliner

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The Dorel Living Recliner is a unique recliner. It has an untraditional look to it with a nice and soft fabric layer. The seat is padded, hence the name and it all makes for a pretty good recliner with tremendous versatility.


  • Very Soft, Smooth Material
  • Easy To Clean
  • Massaging Capabilities
  • Great Build


  • Poor Reclining Lever Position
  • No Heating
  • Loud Massage

ANJ Contemporary Theater Recliner

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ANJ’s chair is very simple yet it has a certain luxury aura that it magnifies in any room. People don’t care about its lack of features, they just love its look, materials, and shape. It is doing more with less features. Some recliner makers try to stuff too many features into one chair and expect it be loved by everyone but it isn’t the quantity of features that matters, it’s the quality of the chair itself. The quality of the ANJ modern recliner is absolutely exquisite.


  • Great Looking Chair
  • Amazing Shape For Back Support
  • Luxurious Feel
  • Extremely Mobile


  • No Real Features
  • Low Color Variety

Swivelling, Rocking, & Reclining

Neither The Dorel Living nor the ANJ Recliner feature swivelling or rocking, which has become quite the commonality in most new recliners. These recliners are trying to stray from the crowd however, focusing more on a luxurious feel & comfort and less on meaningless features. Not to say that features are meaningless, but a lot of times recliner manufacturers focus way too little on things like massage which in turn makes the recliner look worse. Reclining is good on both recliners, but the ANJ wins this category because of its extra padded footrest.

Massage & Heating

Only one of these recliners have massage capabilities, neither have heating. The Dorel Living Padded Recliner features a smooth yet subtle massage system that is a nice touch. It’s not as good as say a HomCom Deluxe or a Relaxzen, but it’s not too shabby either. The ANJ on the other hand doesn’t have either of these things which means it automatically loses this category to the Dorel.

Cushioning & Comfort

This is a tough category to decide on because this is the exact category that both recliners are strongest at. The Dorel Living Recliner has more of a focus on cushioning while the ANJ puts extra attention on comfort (posture). The ANJ also has fantastic cushioning, but the Dorel’s comfort isn’t on the same level as the ANJ which means that the ANJ Contemporary Theater Recliner wins in this category. The Dorel Living Recliner just didn’t live up to what it was made for, but it’s still better than many others.


There is no question of which recliner looks better; the ANJ easily takes the cake. Yes, Dorel Living did a great job on the look of their product too, but to us the chair whose main focus was looks wins the category of best design. Albeit if you compare the Dorel Living Recliner with just about any other recliner on our list and focus strictly on design, it would win against most but here it loses to the one recliner we are certain looks better.

The Verdict

It isn’t much of a race who wins in this comparison; it’s the ANJ. Despite what some people might think, features don’t make the chair. Design doesn’t make the chair either. What makes a good recliner is its ability to make you comfortable in the best way possible and be the best chair it can be. Not all recliners can do that for you, but we think the ANJ is one that can.