Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are the answers to some of our most common questions asked

Do you sell recliners?

Nope, all the recliners you see here are sold exclusively on Amazon. We’re just a team of experienced individuals in the field of furniture and specifically recliners. Most of the members on our team have been working in local furniture shops for years but Recliner Life is our dream.

Where is Recliner Life based?

Recliner Life is based out of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Why recliners?

That’s a great question. We are focused solely on recliners for the simple fact that one of our co-founders has had a recliner business in downtown New Orleans since 1984 and the rest of the team sort of just hopped on board.

What is the vision of Recliner Life?

The vision of Recliner Life is to bring customer together with recliner. We feel that the greatest piece of furniture in the house is the most relaxing one; the recliner! A couch might not support your back properly, and a chair just isn’t what you’re looking for after sitting in a chair all day. The recliner is the greatest option available.