Flash Furniture Contemporary Recliner Review

Flash Furniture is one of the most widely respected recliner and children’s recliner manufacturers in the world and are thought of highly because of the quality of their recliners. Most of the chairs they make are of a certain standard that other companies can’t match, and the story is no different here. The Flash Furniture Contemporary Recliner is a kids recliner that is considered as one of the most versatile recliners being sold today! We love it because of its craftsmanship, and kids love it because of its comfort! Click here to be directed to its page where you can view or purchase it.


Flash Furniture Recliner Chair
Flash Furniture Recliner Chair
Great option for kids. Both comfortable and secure. It has an option to place bottle.

Major Features of Flash Furniture Recliner Chair


There is no debate when discussing whether or not this chair is comfortable. Calling the Flash Furniture Contemporary Recliner for kids comfortable would be an understatement, seriously. Now, it is more firm than it is soft or plush, but if you care at all about your child’s posture/back, then you might be thankful for the way this chair has been designed. The armrests could use some more padding though, they’re a little solid and could cause some accidents if your child is going to be running around this recliner. You probably don’t want them to catch a corner or edge when running full speed, it could be quite painful. Other then that, it is a great lounging chair, and it is perfectly comfortable.


This recliner is pretty durable, but it’s not the most durable. It has some weak points, specifically the materials and cushioning. The frame is mostly pretty stable so unless your child is the size of an adult, that part of the recliner shouldn’t break down any time soon. The level of durability on this recliner is pretty average; it’s durable enough for most kids but after a while it will start breaking down.


We’re going to touch on materials first. What can we say, we’ve reviewed the Deluxe Heavily Padded Recliner, and the material was quite similar. And our opinion of it is quite similar in that we aren’t fans of it. I get it, most kids don’t care much if their recliner is made of leather or microfiber, but we are a bit traditional here at Recliner Life and think that most pieces of furniture should have a nice, sleek feel. Not to say that this recliner isn’t nice, but we just prefer leather or at least PU leather. Padding once again is good in certain areas. It is firmer than most, but nonetheless still very comfortable to the back and legs. We’ve mentioned already that we think the armrests could use some more padding because of the whole danger aspect of it, but in most cases it shouldn’t be too big of a problem.


The Flash Furniture Recliner for kids is a nice looking recliner! Its boxy and wide shape is great for even bigger than average kids and it makes for an attractive chair. The Flash Furniture Contemporary Recliner comes in a big variety of colors including black, blue, red, green, and a host of others. It has a more angular frame which we would suspect is to make it more stable and ensure that wobbling doesn’t happen. The chair design has a nice touch yet maintains simplicity and has a clean overall look and feel to it.


The verdict is that we still recommend the chair despite its few flaws. The only visible impediment to it is the lack of padding in the armrests, and maybe you could include the material choice too, but really it is personal preference. We like that it comes in so many colors, has a cupholder, and is big enough for even the heavier kids. We don’t love the reclining lever placement because it could be harder to reach for some of the smaller kids out there, but I guess that’s what mommies are for!