Flash Furniture Contemporary Glacier Olive Microfiber Chaise Rocker Recliner Review

Flash Furniture is a company we have had a ton of experience with, and we’re glad to say they did a nice job with this project. It’s a very fun, gimmicky type chair that actually does what its supposed to so its also good for what its intended to do. Flash Furniture Recliner looks a little bit wacky, but that’s part of the experience with this chair and we accept it for what it is.


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Flash Furniture Contemporary Recliner Chair
It’s easy to +change the positioning of the reclinerchair. Plush arms, pillow back cushion offers you the best comfort.

Major Features of Flash Furniture Contemporary Recliner Chair

Swivel Rotation

You should be able to tell that this recliner will never swivel. It’s very heavy and stationary; once you get it in the house there’s a very small chance you’ll be thinking of moving it again so pick a spot wisely. Usually, with these kind of chairs we suggest placement either in a corner or a specific spot of a place like the living room, but the decision is entirely up to you.


Massage is something that is not featured with this recliner.


Heating is also something that is not featured with a chair such as this one.


This is the real winner category for this chair. When you’re laying in this chair, you feel like you’re on top of a pillow or a cloud – that’s how soft this chair really is. Just from looking at the image above you can probably tell that this is a super soft chair, almost too soft. And for some people, this chair really might be too soft! If you are looking for something more firm, then this chair is definitely the right option for you. You can check out our best recliners list to find some that will offer what you’re looking for.

Rocking and Reclining

Two things that this Flash Furniture chair does really well. It really is an old-school granny recliner. It’s super soft, and all it does is rock and recline. For a lot of people, that’s all you could ask for in a chair like this!


Comfortability is going to depend on what your definition of comfort is and what it is that makes you comfortable. For most people, comfort is just feeling nice and has nothing to do with features; that would describe this Flash Furniture recliner perfectly. If your standards have been raised to something more elegant that includes features like heating, then you should definitely not purchase this chair.


Although it’s so soft, this is one weird looking recliner! Maybe a few decades ago this look was in style, but now it just looks strange. For some, this design might be exactly what you’re looking for but if we’re being honest, most people would never consider having this type of chair in their home.


Our overall opinion of this recliner is that its kind of a gimmicky product that might actually turn out to be quite good for a very particular type of audience. Now, we won’t say that it is one of the best chairs we’ve seen because it certainly is not that. It’s just average.