Flash Furniture Eclipse Series 3-Seat Reclining Seating Review

This is a set of three rather than a single recliner. Just like Homcom, we have seen Flash Furniture products before and have been generally quite impressed with them. This company is known for making very durable yet comfortable and luxurious pieces of furniture. Click here to view this product.

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As I’ve previously noted, this manufacturer really makes some excellent recliners and comfort is really their strongpoint. These chairs in particular have soft, plush backrests making them perfect for longer sessions of relaxation. Many chairs will have you feeling stiff once you get up, but these theatre recliners will usually have the opposite effect, if you even decide to get up. The armrests are huge, and they are sufficiently large as a whole to fit 3 grown adults quite easily.


The downside of Flash Furniture products is that they most often tend to lack in the departments of features and technology. They usually make up for it in comfort (as they have here) but it would have been nice to have some extra features as well – excluding storage and basic cupholders.


The design of this set of recliners is neither special nor dull. It is a very basic design which you can find on many other recliners. It has done the job for years and continues to do so. Can’t complain about the look of these recliners.