Flash Furniture Plush Leather Recliner Vs. Relaxzen Recliner

If you’re a bigger individual or are just looking for wider-framed recliners, these two are some of the best you can get. They are big, leather, traditional recliners that are sought after by so many people. Sometimes you get tired of all the new fancy gadgets coming with these modern recliners and just want something more classic, and we understand you. All of these swivelling, skinny, mobile recliners are just not for you and you want what recliners have always been; a big, comfy seat that anyone can appreciate.

Flash Furniture Plush Leather Recliner

Flash Furniture Plush Leather Recliner

This is a recliners’ recliner and is one of our favorites here at Recliner Life and a true bestseller. It’s quite a new recliner, yet it doesn’t look too crazy and maintains an elegant composure. Flash Furniture is one of the most iconic manufacturers of recliners and this is one of the best recliners we’ve every seen from them.


  • Extremely Plush & Soft
  • Premium Leather Feel
  • Durability


  • No Real Features Apart From Reclining & Rocking
  • No Mobility
  • Difficult To Reach Reclining Lever

Relaxzen Rocker Recliner With Heat & Massage

A new player to the game, but a huge competitor to the likes of Flash Furniture. Relaxzen’s new recliner is a lot like the Flash Furniture Plush Recliner, but it has a few things that the Flash Furniture doesn’t and pushes the boundaries of what a stationary recliner really is.


  • New Features
  • Smooth, Marbled Leather That Feels Awesome
  • Easy Reclining


  • Massagers Protrude Into Back
  • Difficulty Closing Footrest
  • Leather Is Easily Scuffed

Swivelling, Rocking, & Reclining

Both the Flash Furniture and the Relaxzen rock and recline, and neither swivel. This will even the playing field in our future categories. The footrest of the Flash Furniture Plush Recliner is fantastic, but reaching the lever might be a bit of a hassle for smaller people. Once you get there though, you’ll be plenty comfortable. The Relaxzen’s footrest also feels nice and has a firmer feel to it which is fitting to the overall design and purpose of the chair. Now, while the lever is more difficult to pull on the Flash Furniture, rocking is noticeably smoother on this chair. For this reason, we give the slight edge to the Flash Furniture Plush Leather Recliner.

Massage & HeatingRelaxzen reclining chair

The Relaxzen totally demolishes its opponent here because it has both massaging and heating capabilities while its opponent has neither. A slight complaint about the massaging is that the actual massagers are protruding from the chair which caused us and some other people slight discomfort. Now it’s great that the Relaxzen recliner has massaging, but we would’ve preferred it if it was actually done without stabbing us in the back. By default, Relaxzen takes a victory in this category.

Cushioning & Comfort

If there’s one category that both of these chairs try to succeed in the most, it’s this one. The Flash Furniture Plush Recliner in particular seems to focus solely on being as cushiony as possible and providing maximum comfortability to anyone who’s taking a seat. The Relaxzen which is also soft branches its interests elsewhere as well as here. Its main focus is clearly still to be as well-cushioned as possible, but it also spread its attention to features as well, and this takes away from the overall comfort of the chair. Because Flash Furniture gave it their all in this category particularly, they made a more comfortable recliner and ultimately came out on top because of it. Relaxen also took away any chance they had of winning when they made their massagers come out of the seat in such a pesky fashion.


These recliners are so similar in design that it really ultimately comes down to personal preference. Neither of these recliners are noticeably better looking than the other, and both were designed with a wider frame in mind. Personally, the Flash Furniture looks better to us but we like the Relaxzen a lot as well. This category ends in a draw.

The Verdict

What we’ve got here are two of the best traditional style recliners right now. One has some things that the other doesn’t, but the other is slightly more comfortable and soft. There are pros and cons to both the Relaxzen and the Flash Furniture recliners, but for now Flash Furniture takes the win. The pointy massagers were just too much of a con with the Relaxzen which gave away the win despite the many features that it has, but if you’re interested in purchasing it, know that it’s not really that big of a problem until you become a recliner connoisseur who compares recliners. If you’d like to check out our best recliners of 2021 list, you can do so by clicking the link.