Flash Furniture Plush Leather Rocker Recliner Review

The Flash Furniture Black Leather chair is a rocker recliner that is probably the least modern in our list, but don’t let that fool you to think that it’s anything less than a good recliner. After all, the main thing we’re all looking for when in the market for a recliner is our upmost comfort. This chair is definitely comfortable. Click here to view it.

flash furniture recliner chair for back pain
Flash Furniture Recliner
It has nice soft, and rounded features which make you want to take a seat at first sight.

Major Features of Flash Furniture Recliner

Swivel Rotation

Along with many other features, this recliner has no swiveling rotation. This type of recliner is more of a stationary chair meant to be used in the traditional sense in that it rarely moves. We can’t be too mad; this type of heavy recliner rarely has swivel rotation.


Once again, this is a feature that the Flash Furniture recliner is missing. Although it isn’t rare for heavy, traditional recliners to include a massaging mechanism, it’s still more common to find them without it rather than with. We’ll give it another pass because of its strength elsewhere.


Unfortunately this model doesn’t even have heating. So far we can say that the Flash Furniture Black Leather Rocker Recliner doesn’t have massaging, heating, or swivel rotation… So why’s it on our list you might ask? Well that’s because of how comfortable it is and how its made to feel completely premium and built to last. We must admit that as far as a heating system goes, they could’ve and maybe should’ve added it. Heating would have made this recliner even better than it is.


This is where the Flash Furniture Recliner wins. This chair redefines what it means for cushioning to be plush; that’s how soft and comfortable the materials feel. It is built with overstuffed padded seat, back, and arms. The plushness of the recliner is so good that it’s hard to explain through text, you have to feel it to believe it. The premium leather feel adds to the experience which is always nice. We do love leather recliners, and we’re quick to review any chance we get when it comes to leather recliners because it is becoming so rare nowadays.

Rocking and Reclining

Finally a “feature” that this recliner includes. Rocking and reclining feels great in this seat. You can recline all the way back horizontally and we have to say that if any of the recliners showcased on our website had to double as a bed to sleep in, this would take the cake. It is wide, soft, and extends completely. Rocking is nice and smooth too, but isn’t very different from any other recliners which is fine. After all, how much more can you add to a function so old?


It’s usually hard for any recliner to compete with the top dogs when they have no built in features like all of the new ones, but this one does. The comfort is brought up to par with the others because of its extreme plushness and ability to make the seater “sink” into the chair. No heating, no massage, no swiveling, no problem! Comfort is the expertise of this Flash Furniture recliner and if that’s all you’re looking to buy, strongly consider this one!


The Flash Furniture Plush Leather Rocker Recliner maintains a nice and old-school design that transcends its beauty like no other. It has nice soft, and rounded features which make you want to take a seat at first sight. It basically only comes in one color (brown) which is a slight bummer, but not that big of a deal at the same time. The designers of this recliner really did a fantastic job to bring a recliner’s recliner look to a new and modern model.


If not for the feel of this recliner, it wouldn’t even be on any list, but because it’s so plush and comfortable we consider it to be one of the top dogs in the recliner industry. If you’re looking for a standard yet comfortable recliner, this is the option for you. Click here to check out this product.