Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Review

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For the price, you’re getting a very comfortable recliner chair. It is one of the more affordable massage chairs on the market like this one. In many ways, it resembles a first-class business seat in an airplane. The shape of the chair is modern and elegant, and this ties into the level of comfortability. The lower back support and cushioning is fabulous and you can even double this as a sleeper-chair. As far as massage chairs under $1,000 go, this is one of the best you can get on the market.

The Massage

If you’ve never owned a massage chair before, then you’ll think that the massaging is great. However, if you’ve sat in one before then you might believe this chairs’ massaging to be decent at best. It is as deep and intense as many others in the price range, yet it is still noticeably weaker than the likes of a Medical Breakthrough massage chair.


Some have said that the design is bulky. In my opinion, it is more elegant than some other models I have seen. Like I noted, it almost looks like a first-class seat in an airplane. The features and massaging though is far superior. The three color schemes are black, brown, and a creamy white. Overall, it is a great looking massage chair and you really can’t go wrong with in terms of design – not many can match its beauty.


  • Massage area increased 60%, massage all sides, the ultimate experience for neck, shoulder, back, waist, hips and thigh.
  • Multiple massage methods simulating human massage(Intelligent massage programs including:Relax,extend,Recover,Refresh)
  • OPTO sensor device can find different people’s shoulder position exactly and suit for different types of people
  • Roller scraping for the whole foot(Many benefits of roller massage:improve blood circulation,improve immunity,better sleeping,refresh & relax )
  • Heat for waist(Heater for waist can have an active effect on people who have a stiff waist,backache,Stomach cold)

Who Is It Best For?

This massage chair is best for anyone getting their first massage chair who isn’t interested in getting the very best massaging recliner from the get-go. If you’ve owned one or more massage chairs before, then there is a chance you will be disappointed with the massaging of this chair.

The Verdict

Generally speaking, it’s a good massage chair and is a worthy candidate for most families. It may be the best entry level massage chair at the moment and people who have purchased this model seem to love it a lot. Whether or not you should buy it will come down to personal preference.