HomCom Deluxe Heated Recliner 2022 Review

The HomCom Deluxe Recliner is truly special. We feel that it is most definitely one of the better recliners you can get on sale this year. It’s super comfortable, has tons of great new features, and is just the overall perfect (or near-perfect) chair after a stressful day. Check out the HomCom Deluxe by clicking here.


HomCom Massage Heated Recliner Chair
HomCom Massage Heated Recliner Chair
Heating function is already built in. It’s a great recliner that ofers comfort and style

Major Features of HomCom Deluxe Heated Recliner

Swivel Rotation

This didn’t look like the type of recliner that would offer swivelling rotation; the heavier models usually don’t. We were pleasantly surprised to discover that the HomCom Deluxe Recliner does indeed come with swivel rotation. It’s not the fastest rotation but we were glad for it to even be there. Even though it takes its time when turning, it does so smoothly.


This recliners offers a calming and pleasant massaging feature. It is not like some other recliners which only provide dull vibration, but it won’t be the best massage you’ve ever had either. The massaging capabilities really get into your body and make you feel great; as great as a recliner can make you feel. We can confidently say that the HomCom Deluxe Heated Recliner with PU Leather has one of the best massaging capabilities of any recliner being sold today. It has 5 settings, 1 being subtle and smooth and 5 being super bold; so lets just say if you didn’t feel level 1, you can be sure you’ll feel level 5.


The heating feature on the HomCom Deluxe works as advertised. On max settings it can get pretty hot so if that’s what you’re looking for then this chair is a delight. We feel that there’s not much to else to say about its heating because nowadays it is hard to mess up something like that. It works fine.


Cushioning on this HomCom model is terrific. It’s extremely soft and plush, and it supports your back in the perfect way. Out of the recliners we’ve reviewed here, this must have one of the top 3 cushions. The PU leather feels absolutely fantastic to the touch and just adds to the experience. It’s just so comfortable and combined with the soothing heating in the winter, there’s no match for the HomCom Deluxe Heated Recliner with PU Leather. Recliners now usually are either soft or firm, and it’s a bit difficult to differentiate with this chair, and we think that is a great thing. This means that whether you like firm or soft, you can still enjoy this chair because it isn’t at all lopsided. You will never think to yourself “this chair is too firm” or “this chair is too soft” because the mixture is very subtle and balanced.

Rocking and Reclining

The rocking and reclining functionality on the HomCom Deluxe works as promised. We had some bugs when trying to recline all the way, but as it turns out our specific lever was just a little bit sticky and we don’t expect this to be an issue for most of the recliners. Rocking was smooth and gentle. The range of motion on the rocking was just right too – not too big and not too small. Reclining does go all the way, so if you’re someone who enjoys sleeping in recliners, this one will do the job.


This recliner would not be so high on our list if it wasn’t in the top tier of recliners comfortability. Not too soft, not too firm, not too modern and not too old. That combined with the many features possibly makes this the most versatile recliner being sold! We don’t know how well it can be seen from the picture how wide this recliner is, but if you can’t see for yourself then we’ll tell you. It is wide enough for even the taller and heavier of folks, and you can easily tell the difference when comparing to some other modern recliners which are far too small and thin for a lot of people.


In terms of design, HomCom brought out a beautiful chair when they released this model. We sometimes don’t like the thin chairs because we traditionally know recliners to be big and wide objects, and we love that this chair is new but still carries over traits of the classic recliners we know and appreciate. From what we could tell, this recliner comes in four colors; black, brown, white, and red. That was fine for us as we usually stick to black, but it is nice to know that white is there as well if that is what you like.


This HomCom Deluxe Heated Recliner with PU Leather and Massage functionality might just be the best recliner we’ve reviewed. It’s strong in every category and lacks any real weakness. The cushioning is fantastic, the heating and massaging features work as promised, reclining functions just fine and there’s even swiveling for a big chair such as this one! We highly recommend this product, and we feel that it is well worth the price. You just can’t miss out on a chair like this one. To view it or buy, click here.