HomCom Massage Heated PU Leather 360 Degree Swivel Recliner Chair Review

Just by the look of this recliner you can tell it isn’t the most ordinary. It was a HomCom that topped our list, and this too is of the same name. It is a different style recliner however, this chair is more bulky than the first. It’s also not very modern in terms of features and how it looks, but by now you should know that those aren’t the only things that make up a good recliner. At the top of the priority list is comfort, and that is something that this recliner does not fail to provide.


HomCom Massage Heated Recliner Chair
HomCom Massage Heated Recliner Chair
Heating and massage functions are built in. You can select modes and levels acording to your needs.

Major Features of HomCom Massage Heated Recliner Chair


In our last review of a HomCom, you may have noticed that we were pleasantly surprised to find a recliner that heavy have the ability to swivel, and that raised our expectations of all HomCom recliners so we were naturally a little bit disappointed to discover that this chair didn’t include it. Swiveling doesn’t determine whether or not a recliner is worth buying, and although it helps, it would be strange for a recliner this wide to include it when you really sit down and think about it.


This is a nice touch on the recliner. Just like with the Relaxzen, the manufacturers certainly didn’t have to add this feature to be able to sell the chair, but they did include it anyway which will always satisfy us. At this moment, the recliner features 4 back massagers with 2 being in the seat and 2 in the footrest. Surprisingly, footrest massagers are not all that common in the recliner world which is a shame because they are usually located in a great place to be massaged! The massage was light, which has become the norm and won’t deduct anything from how we feel about it.


Heating is not something that the HomCom Sofa Chair has which puzzled my staff and I. We were confused as to why heating was not incorporated; it is very rare that you will find a recliner to have massage without heating or vice versa. Usually a recliner will either have both (modern recliners) or neither (traditional recliners). It could have been included, it should have been included, but it wasn’t. That was a huge bummer.


Despite the things this recliner can’t do, it cracks our list as one of the top 3 softest recliners we’ve ever felt – this thing is extremely plush which you can probably see in the image if you have a keen eye. It’s soft in all the right places and will make you feel like you’re siting atop a cloud. The armrests are also just plush enough to keep your arms positioned properly which is something that other recliners fail to do. Keep the quality of your recliner high by using a slipcover.

Rocking and Reclining

Reclining is featured, rocking isn’t. That was fine with us. It reclines quickly enough for most people and the bonus feature is the massaging that comes in the footrest. That’s a small detail that is (almost) never paid attention to, which we can’t understand.


This is the main course of this sofa chair. It is maybe the most comfortable recliner that features massaging and not heating which is still saying a lot even though that combination is not all that popular. You don’t really even need the massaging feature here; all you need is your good old trusty reclining lever and possibly a good book. If you really look, there are only a few recliners being sold right now that have the combination of features that this recliner has which makes it unique in its own wacky way.


We think that most people will either absolutely love or hate how this recliner looks and there will be no middle ground. That is usually how things go with products that have unorthodox appearances. To us, it looked a lot an old recliner that got a complete makeover and is now known as one of the top models beings sold. Some people might not like how puffy the leather is, and while we didn’t really hate it, the puffiness wasn’t something that we were particularly enjoyed. We won’t say it looks ugly because that would be a huge stretch. It just doesn’t look like most of the others and there’s nothing wrong with that.


The overall impressions we got from our review were that this HomCom is going to continue our positive perception of their manufacturers. Of course there are probably HomCom recliners that we won’t love but for now, they are undefeated. To sum things up, this is basically a sofa chair that carries itself like a recliner. It is very soft, has some nice features, and will look great in your living room.