Homcom PU Leather Heated Massage Recliner Review

Homcom has been quite a notorious brand for us in reviewing recliners, and many of them actually made our list of top recliners. This manufacturer really knows what they are doing when making these chairs, and they clearly knew what they were doing when building this masterpiece as well. Click here to check out this recliner.

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It’s hard to argue the comfort level of this chair. It’s not the most comfortable recliner I’ve ever sat in, but it certainly does the job and is still quite comfortable. Compared to other recliners like the Pulaski theater recliner, it is quite soft. Now whether or not that is a good thing is totally subjective. Personally I like theater recliners to be more firm and supportive of the lower back, but to each his own.


Homcom’s theater recliner brings the basic features you can expect with most of these types of recliners – heating, vibrating, remote control, cupholders. Nothing special, but we’re glad they were included rather than excluded. Some recliners are even more sparse in terms of what they bring to the table, so we might even be spoiled to ask for more.


I don’t personally love the design of this chair. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just not for me. I feel like it could have been a tad big wider. A chair such as this one can and should be protected with the elite recliner covers of 2018.