Homelegance Double Reclining Loveseat

This probably can’t be classified as a theater recliner as it is a loveseat, but many people actually prefer this design for home theaters. Homelegance is a furniture manufacturer that actually gets forgotten at times unfortunately, but this company is definitely on the come up. You can expect to see more and more of their products soon. Click here to view this loveseat.


Homelegance Resonance Recliner Chair
Homelegance Resonance Recliner Chair
Seating area is covered in black leather and side areas are covered with faux leather.

Major Features of Homelegance Resonance Recliner Chair


There really isn’t much to say about the comfort level of this loveseat because it is plenty comfortable. For a home theater though, one might prefer to sit on their own rather than in a “double recliner” i.e. a loveseat. You only get one armrest, and when you have to share, reclining can be less extravagant.


This loveseat sofa has virtually no features. All you really get is the reclining function along with 1 armrest for each seater. Not much you can really expect from a loveseat anyways, but it is good to know. Protect your chair with the best recliner covers.


The design of this product is pretty basic – nothing special. I actually prefer simplistic designs so this piece of furniture looked quite good in my eyes.