How Long Should Your Recliner Last?

The short answer to “how long a recliner can last?” is: it depends 🙂

In most cases, big, heavy, and expensive pieces of furniture should last you at least a couple years. If you treat your recliner poorly, don’t be surprised when its lifetime turns out to be less than a one of two years! Some people have the same recliner they’ve had for multiple years, sometimes even decades and this is because they’ve taken care of their items on a different level than most other people. Depending on the model you have, how much usage it has in a week, how it is used (do you throw yourself into the recliner?) and how it is positioned, your recliner can last you as little as 6 months or it can go 20 years with you. How will you treat your recliner?

How You Can Make Your Recliner Last As Long As Possible

The general rule to preserve not only recliners but anything for that matter is to clean it and treat it with care. If you are gentle with your recliner and careful not to put it in a position in which it might get damaged, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Common Mistakes that Damage your Recliner

There are a few things people do to damage their recliners that keep showing up and they’re really easy to fix too. One of those common mistakes is the notion that you can throw your weight in the chair. Look, I know you had a busy day and all you want to do is relax, but don’t drop all your weight into the chair! How hard is it to semi-squat and then relax? Almost all recliners have some types of built in springs to cushion your fall and/or rock you back, but believe me when I say this; if this action is repeated frequently you will kill your chair. Don’t do it.

Don’t eat and drink on your poor recliner, please. We often want to kick back and enjoy a meal on our comfortable chair while watching our favorite shows on Thursday night, but this guilty pleasure isn’t worth the risk you’re exposing your recliner too. It’s not so difficult to enjoy your drenched steak and beer at the table for ten minutes and return later to your recliner once you’ve finished. We have just one thing to say about this matter; don’t do it. Or if you do decide to do this, proceed cautiously.

Twisting and turning in most cases shouldn’t be a problem, but sometimes it can cause the same problem as throwing yourself into the recliner. If you weigh 250 pounds and each day you twist and turn abruptly a few times, over time all the stress will be too much for your recliner to bear. I know it sounds silly, but it has happened before where someone’s chair has broken due to their constant aggressive twisting and turning.


These guidelines we’ve detailed in this article are completely minuscule if you don’t care about your recliner – you’ll just find a another way to mess it up. To make your recliner last multiple good years, you only have to do one simple thing; treat it with care. Cheap recliners are also more prone to damage, but not if you buy one of the best.