How To Raise My Recliner – Tips For Adjusting Chair Height

A recliner is meant for comfort and relaxation and comes with features to ensure you’re always cozy without compromising on posture and physical support. Shopping for the perfect chair isn’t as easy as 1-2-3 though, especially if you’re wondering how to make your recliner taller!

Testing a recliner before making a purchase includes checking that the backrest, seat depth, and width, plus the armrests, are the right fit for your body shape and size. Otherwise, you’re going to battle to kick back and enjoy the recliner life!

Another factor that affects the level of comfort you should expect from a quality recliner is the height it gives you from the floor. If you’re a tall person or have long legs, your otherwise perfect pick could be a tad too close to the ground, causing discomfort. 

That doesn’t mean you have to start searching all over again for another recliner; there are ways to raise your chair height so you can rest your feet comfortably on the floor. Keep reading as we share tips for making your recliner taller.  

How To Raise A Recliner Chair

Some of the best recliners for big men and women will solve your chair height problem if you’re taller than most people. Sitting properly in a recliner chair is important for posture and spinal support, and if the chair is too close to the ground you’re going to struggle to sit upright comfortably. 

There are ways to raise a standard recliner as well, including investing in furniture risers or adjusting the tension or pitch of the chair.  

Using Furniture Risers To Raise A Recliner Chair

How to make my recliner taller

Furniture risers are nifty devices used for raising furniture such as beds, chairs, and sofas off the floor while keeping them stable. They allow you to increase the height of your recliner, making it more comfortable for sitting and getting in and out of your chair. 

Before purchasing furniture risers, make sure they’re specifically designed for recliners. They should be able to handle the weight of the chair, not interfere with the reclining or rocking features, and be slip-resistant. 

Attaching the furniture risers to the recliner is relatively simple, but it’s always recommended to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Keeping those in mind, the following general steps can be used for attaching furniture risers to your recliner.

Step 1: Turn the recliner onto its side to expose the legs. Depending on the design of the risers, attach them either by fastening them or sliding them onto the chair’s legs/feet. 

Step 2: Using the base markers, adjust each riser to the same height to get the right positioning for your body. Some risers aren’t adjustable and are bought according to the height setting you want. 

Step 3: When the risers are firmly attached to the recliner, turn the chair back upright. It’s now ready for you to use!

If the recliner is still too low or too high, follow the same steps above again for adjustable risers. When purchasing non-adjustable chair lifts for recliners, make sure you know the exact measurements required and shop accordingly to get the right height setting. 

Adjusting The Recliner Chair Tension

Adjusting The Recliner Chair Tension

If your chair leans back too easily or is too rigid to comfortably place your feet on the floor, you need to adjust the recliner tension. Doing this using the following steps will help you get the right sitting height.

Step 1: Put the recliner in an upright position and close the footrest. Tilt the chair forward to expose its underside. Gently rest the recliner on the armrests and the top of the backrest so your hands are free to adjust the tension. 

Step 2: Look for either thumb wheels or wing nuts on the underside of the seat. These are normally found toward the back or center of the seat and are located at the end of a bolt with a tension spring running between them. 

Step 3: Adjust the recliner tension by turning the thumb wheels or wing nuts. Use your fingers or a sturdy pair of pliers if the mechanism is tight. 

Step 4: Rotate the mechanism in a clockwise direction to increase the tension. Rotate the mechanism counterclockwise to loosen the tension. Make one-quarter turns on both sides to equalize the tension.

Step 5: Return the recliner to its correct position and sit down. If the backrest still leans back too far, lifting your feet off the floor, you’ll need to increase the tension further. If you need to raise the height instead, loosening the tension spring will solve the problem. 

Avoid tightening or loosening the adjustment mechanism too much, as this could damage your recliner’s tension spring permanently. Adjusting at one-quarter turns helps prevent this from happening. The tension spring should be firm between the bolts at all times. 

Altering The Recliner Chair Pitch

The recliner pitch refers to the height of the chair at the front when it’s in an upright position. If the recliner pitch is too high, you’ll struggle to place your feet flat on the ground; however, if it’s too low, your knees will be almost level with your chest, making your sitting position uncomfortable. 

The following steps will help you to alter your recliner chair’s pitch. 

Step 1: Tilt the chair forward to expose the underside of the recliner. Rest it gently on the top of the backrest and front of the armrests.

Step 2: Locate all four of the cam bolts which are normally found toward the center of the seat. These are found in the metal frame of the chair’s base and aren’t the same bolts used for adjusting the tension spring.

Step 3: Using the right-sized wrench, loosen the back two cam bolts without removing them completely. Remove the two front bolts completely and place them safely somewhere nearby for later use.

Step 4: Wiggle the metal frame up or down to adjust its position. Doing this will alter the recliner’s pitch. Sliding the frame up and backward will lower the chair’s pitch. Pushing the frame down and forward lifts the recliner’s pitch, raising the front of the chair from the ground. 

The metal frame comes with several grooves, allowing you to alter the recliner pitch for different height settings. Some recliner models include five grooves while others have up to nine, making it simple to find the best chair height for your body. 

Recliner Chairs For Proper Sitting Posture: Why Is It Important?

The backrest height, seat depth and width, and armrests of a recliner should prevent you from slouching when seated. The height of the chair is equally important for protecting your spine when seated upright; however, the dimensions must suit your build and height as well. 

Why Proper Sitting Posture Is Important 

Recliner chairs come in various shapes and sizes, and finding the right fit for your body is vital for achieving the correct sitting posture. Having the right sitting posture is important for preventing problems such as back pain, poor blood circulation, and aching muscles

Other issues that arise from incorrect chair posture include:

  • Muscle weakness
  • Poor digestion
  • Reduced breathing capacity

If you’re slouching in your chair, your spine and back muscles tighten or stretch over time, resulting in pain in your joints in various parts of your body. This can eventually lead to or escalate back pain

When seated, your knees should be slightly lower than your hips, your legs positioned straight forward, and your feet resting flat on the floor without your heels lifting upward. Positioning your body this way allows for a neutral spine posture. 

The right chair height will help you to achieve the correct positioning of your knees, legs, and feet. Note that not all recliners are made to accommodate this requirement for taller or bigger people, but using our tips will allow you to make your chair taller if necessary. 

Knowing what makes or breaks a good recliner chair is key to getting the best model for your body shape and size. This way, you can factor in all the features that allow your body to fit into the seat just right for ultimate comfort and posture support. 


Can any recliner chair be raised?

Almost any recliner chair can be raised if the seat is too low or high and doesn’t allow you to sit properly. A recliner chair can be elevated using furniture risers, adjusting the tension spring, or altering the pitch. 

Are your feet supposed to touch the ground when sitting in a chair?

Your feet should make firm contact with the ground when sitting in a chair. This allows for proper sitting posture and helps prevent problems such as back pain and poor circulation. 

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to raise a recliner chair means you can purchase the model you have your eye on without worrying too much about the original height since you can adjust it if necessary. Some of the best recliner chairs include both manual and electric features, which could be all you need to make it taller. 

Raising a recliner chair is simple when you know how. You can do this by:

  • Using recliner risers specifically designed to make chairs taller
  • Adjusting the recliner tension 
  • Altering the recliner pitch