How To Move With Recliners

how to move with recliners
These chairs known as recliners are certainly wonderful creations, but why did the recliner gods have to make them so heavy and bulky? With our lives, we’re constantly changing things up and sometimes we need to move our recliners. Here’s how.

Step 1. Think Things Through

This might seem like a useless step, but it’s completely underrated. You need to think of things like where do you want to take the recliner through? In which new position will it be setup? Will pulling it through the front gates damage its leather at all? You need to use your head when doing this because things can go wrong. Nothings worse than exerting all the energy you have to push a recliner up the stairs just to find out that it won’t fit through the door and that you have to take it back downstairs.

Step 2. Carefully Wrap Your Recliner

If you don’t take this step seriously, you might regret it. We get it; recliners are these huge, bulky, mammoth-like objects but they’re often more fragile than they seem. You need to carefully wrap your recliner all the way around and an optional step is to add padding before you wrap in case you feel the ride will be bumpy. Remember, your giant, beloved chair is fragile. Don’t put it at risk.

Step 3. Get Some Trusted Friends Or Family To Help

You didn’t think you were going to be able to do this on your own, did you? This recliner often weighs more than our kids so keeping your lower backs in mind, you should get a friend or two to help with the process. If you’re a stronger individual and/or your recliner is on the lighter side, one friend should be enough. If you aren’t very strong and/or it’s a heavy recliner, you should probably look to get two or three friends to help you.

Step 4. If Nobody Can Help You…

Hire some movers! All it takes is a google search (or a craigslist search if you prefer). Oftentimes, if you’re looking for a cheaper variation craigslist is better. If you’re looking for a safer (but more expensive) option, hire a company. You can usually find one by searching for “moving service [input your location]”. Trust us, don’t try moving this thing on your own!

Step 5. Load Into Truck Vehicle

Hopefully you weren’t planning on walking. Or using your small Jetta. Usually when you’re moving a recliner you’re moving more than just a recliner. Probably in a moving service truck like Uhaul. Be careful when doing this because you can cause yourself lifelong back damage if done improperly. With your friends/hired movers, take your time and place your recliner in a secure position keeping in mind that it can slide during car rides. We suggest a corner but if taken make sure something is placed all around the edges of your recliner preventing too much sliding or worse; damage. Hopefully if there will be an issue, recliner can be repaired easily.


When looking at your recliner right now, you probably are thinking it is impossible to move this behemoth. Shockingly, it can be done! Take your time, consider all factors, and get some helpers! You’ll regret it if you decide to do it on your own!