How To Repair A Recliner

Recliners, although generally heavy and durable, can sometimes be vulnerable to damage. Most common damages are the dreaded reclining function damage and ripped/scraped/scuffed leather (don’t you just hate that?).

How To Fix Reclining Mechanism

This video shown what you can do to fix the reclining mechanism. We here at Recliner Life tested this method out for ourselves and it was hit or miss. For some of our broken down recliners it worked, but for others, well lets just say R.I.P. We suggest you try for yourself and see what happens. Maybe you’ll get lucky!

How To Fix Ripped/Scuffed/Torn Leather

The problem with fixing ripped or torn leather is that it is dependent on the leather being ripped in a certain way. In most cases, small rips can be repaired using the right adhesive. What you want to do is carefully place the leather in as close you can as to the exact position as possible as it once was, apply the adhesive, and then wait. This method is somewhat outdated but it does what it’s supposed to on a smaller level. Check out this video for a better idea on how to fix ripped leather.

Fixing The Squeaky Recliner

The next issue that can occur is a squeaky recliner. This is probably the easiest problem to fix and it requires little knowledge of recliners. All you will need is some WD-40 or another solution that works in a similar way. What you want to do is to gently apply the WD-40 in the joint area underneath your recliner that enables the reclining function. Apply as much as necessary, and constantly test to see if it needs any more. This usually does the job for us and most of our chairs are completely silent after this process.

Another thing you can try is to get a replacement part for your chair if the first method doesn’t work. Usually, the piece represents a sort of hydraulic type component. You can usually get this replacement piece at stores like Home Depot or wherever you got your recliner but beware, if your recliner features some foreign or rare manufacturing components, it will be more difficult to find replacement parts.

Fixing Malfunction Reclining

This might be the most difficult problem yet, and we can’t help you as much as we’d like. For a problem such as this one, Recliner Life suggests you take it down to a professional and have them look at it. Or, you can give up on this helpless soul and get a new recliner.


Fixing your beloved sofa recliner is definitely a doable task. It’s no walk in the park, but for your recliner you’d do anything, right? We certainly would. Perhaps, if you are not exactly the fixing type you could be in the market for a newer, sexier, and more durable recliner? If so, check out what we feel to be the best recliners being sold in 2021: