How To Sell A Recliner

So you’ve decided that you want to sell your poor recliner. We aren’t mad (as long as you replace it). Now you need to go about actually selling it but you don’t know what to do, that’s what this article is for. Not much goes into selling a recliner other than refurbishing it and advertising it well (and finding a buyer). Other things to take into account are decisions about pricing and things of that nature, here’s what you should know.

Refurbish Your Recliner If Needed

Chances are that you haven’t kept your recliner in perfect condition and it has a few things that could be tweaked/adjusted. Your recliner might squeak when rocking, it might have some scuffed up leather, or it might have nothing at all wrong with it. If your recliner does need some fixing, read here about how we usually go about refurbishing our old/broken down recliners. Either way, you’ll find it somewhat difficult to sell a recliner to someone if it is in poor condition, use your judgment to decide whether or not it needs some cleaning up and proceed as necessary.

Take Great Pictures

This is important when you want to sell anything. Make sure to take some photographs that really highlight all of the features and functions of the recliner. Let your viewers see how well conditioned you’ve kept the leather on your recliner or how soothly the reclining function still works. Take 4 – 6 photographs of your recliner in all their glory.

Describe Your Recliner With Compelling But Accurate Language

On your advertising page, make sure you describe your recliner in a very compelling manner whilst also not straying away from the truth. You shouldn’t claim that the brown leather has been kept in “prime, impeccable and pristine condition” over the years if half of it has been ripped off. Make certain to detail every single neat thing that your recliner can do and don’t forget to mention how well it works. If you have heating and massage hooked up with your recliner, don’t post the ad without accurately detailing how well they work. If heating is perfect, let them know!

Find A Good Price

You will have to use your judgment here. You can compare with the original price, other used recliners, and so forth. If you’re up for negotiations, post “OBO” in your add title. It lets your readers know “hey, I’m looking to sell it for around X amount of dollars, but if you’ve got a better offer let me know”. This is a great way to get rid of your recliner faster and make some quicker cash but beware, you might be selling yourself short (A.K.A. making less money).


If you’ve ever sold anything before, this shouldn’t be too difficult of a task for you. It usually goes very smoothly (although you should always be cautious) and most of the time if you’re fair you will have a buyer, of course depending on where you live. This is how you sell a recliner, but view this page to find a brand new recliner to buy!