How To Disassemble A Recliner Step By Step

As soon as the excitement of owning a recliner chair or couch dies down, I have an idea of what you should do next: Learn how to take a recliner apart. Here’s why.

You will be able to do repairs when your recliner stops working, it will be easier to move your recliner set to a different room or shift it to a new place… The list of benefits goes on. 

Manual recliner sets are easy to dismantle and should not be a hassle. Power recliners too will give you an easier time with disassembly because they come in attachable pairs. But you may need technical support in handling the electrical components. 

Even with an easy-to-read instruction manual, your comfort recliner is a complicated piece of equipment. You need to know how to properly take it apart without damaging anything.

Look through these quick steps to learn how to disassemble your recliner chair with ease.

How To Take A Recliner Apart — The Steps

Step 1

How To Take A Recliner Apart — The Steps

It’s always a good idea to start by detaching your recliner from the back. Look for an extra pair of helping hands so that you can get the job done quicker. 

Carefully tilt the back of your recliner to gain access to the inside arm. Locate the two clips that anchor your recliner’s backrest to the chair’s mechanism and then slowly release the tension in the clips.

Step 2

You can now gently remove the backrest until it’s successfully detached from your chair’s mechanism. This should give you access to two bolts on each side of your armrest. Remove them with an appropriate socket and ratchet set. 

You can check your instruction manual or contact your furniture dealer for the correct measurements.

Step 3

There are two more bolts on each armrest that mount your recliner’s chair mechanism to the inside arms. You also need a socket and ratchet to remove these two bolts.

Step 4

Once you have successfully removed all the four bolts, carefully place a soft, cushioned material between your chair’s mechanism and the inside arms. You could use a helping hand here. The soft material prevents your comfort recliner’s cover from being damaged.

Let your assistant hold one end of your chair’s mechanism. Hold both ends of the footrest and slowly extend your comfort recliner’s seat to its full length. Do this until your recliner seat cushion slides out of your chair’s mechanism.

Be careful not to lift the seat cushion just yet.

Step 5

You need to detach your recliner’s cushion seat from the chair’s mechanism. Using a socket and ratchet, remove the two bolts attached to your cushion seat and footrest. Most comfort recliner models have similar designs. 

Look for two long clips attaching a velcro flap to your chair’s mechanism. Gently pull out these clips to detach the velcro flap.

Step 6 

Move on to your comfort recliner’s armrest. Each armrest is attached to your recliner’s chassis. Use a socket and ratchet to remove these bolts.

You’ve successfully disassembled your recliner. Remember that you’ll still have to put your recliner back together. Keep all detached parts in a safe place. Carefully position each part to prevent any damage.

How To Take Apart A Recliner’s Headrest

Removing your headrest should be no problem at all. Here’s how to do it. 

Step 1

Position your recliner at a suitable angle where you have easy access to the headrest, then gently pull it to its highest point. There is a zipper at the bottom of your headrest. Opening it will expose two mounting bolts.

Step 2 

Loosen the two mounting bolts with a socket, but be careful not to remove them completely from your recliner’s headrest assembly.

Step 3

Gently place your thumb on the bolt heads. Using the same hand, hold the bottom of your headrest assembly with a firm grip. Slowly lift your headrest assembly off your recliner’s chassis.

After placing all detachable parts in a safe storage area, you can breathe easy. 

It’s also a good idea to take pictures of each step as you disassemble your comfort recliner. You can create your own self-care guide for safely taking apart your recliner chair!

How To Disassemble A Recliner Couch

Recliner couches are a big step up from your casual recliner chair. Some recliner couch models take up a huge amount of space, making it a challenging task to move around (spare time to learn about the best place for a recliner). On top of this, assembled recliner couches are also complicated. Doing it on your own can leave you frustrated if you’re unsure of the disassembly process.

Do not worry though. Disassembling your recliner couch has been made a lot easier with this step-by-step guide.

Safety First

How To Disassemble A Recliner Couch

Using a lever, remote control, or button, make sure you retract the recliner couch’s footrest and backrest. That’s because mechanized furniture can easily get damaged during disassembly. You also risk serious injury. 

Always have an extra pair of hands to assist you with the process. Ensure you also unplug your power cords from your power outlet. 

Your instruction manual will serve as a comprehensive guide and show you detailed illustrations specific to your recliner couch model. You can take pictures of the disassembly process to help you put everything back together.

Step 1

You need to locate the release mechanisms holding the assembled sets together. Start by checking the back of your recliner couch or the hollow space under your seats. 

Some recliner couch models come with upholstered fabric. Is the back of your couch fitted with a fabric panel? It’s possible that the fabric panel is attached with velcro and is removable. 

Gently remove the velcro panel. This should give you access to your recliner couch’s mechanisms. Adjusting these mechanisms loosens the assembled couch sets.

If your recliner couch model doesn’t have a velcro panel, carefully slide your fingers into the seams on the back part. Feel around with your fingers for a lever mechanism. The lever will help you detach the back of your recliner couch completely from the assembled set.

You now have ample space to figure out how you can dismantle the other couch sets. Should the lever feel too tight, try using a screwdriver to adjust it.

Step 2

With the help of your assistant, gently tip over your recliner set. You should have a clear view of your recliner couch’s frame and hardware. Locate the mechanisms that hold the armrests, back, mid-section, footrest, and springs in place.

The mid-section and footrest are located at the front of your recliner couch at the bottom. Carefully remove these parts from the couch’s metal base using a wrench or screwdriver.

Step 3

You need good plastic storage bags to put all the small detachable parts. Label these bags according to which parts they carry. You can group certain parts for easier identification. 

Step 4

Gently remove the metal base from your couch’s frame. Next, loosen the bolts or screws on either side of your recliner couch’s frame and arm brackets. This will allow you to detach the armrests.

Step 5

Locate the rails and support mechanisms along with your couch’s bottom frame. Carefully remove these components. You should be able to completely detach the back of your recliner couch from the assembled couch set.

Once you’ve taken apart your recliner couch set, you can go through your storage checklist and ensure all detachable parts are accounted for. The last thing you want is to start searching for parts when you’re settled and ready to enjoy the comfort of your recliner couch!

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Take Apart A Recliner Chair

Why Do My Recliner Couch’s Cushions Feel Hard After Reassembling Everything? 

It’s fairly common for your cushion seats to stiffen after disassembling your recliner couch. But your seats will soften once you start using your couch.

You may notice some crease marks on your leather upholstery. These marks will disappear within a short time. 

You can also use self-care tips for restoring or recovering your recliner. Check your instructor’s manual for detailed information on your recliner couch model.

How Do I Manually Repair My Recliner Couch? 

You may have to take your recliner apart as shown in the steps to repair it, but before you do, start by looking out for faulty power cords. 

Next, check your power outlet. If both seem to work fine, you might want to examine the internal wiring for any breaks or cut sections. Also, ensure all levers and mechanisms are operational.

If you cannot physically locate the problem, don’t hesitate to call your dealer for assistance. Remember to always check with your dealer before making a purchase. A good deal should offer you a warranty period.

Last Word On How To Take Apart A Recliner Couch

Even for first-timers, learning how to disassemble your recliner doesn’t have to be a headache. It’s as simple as the steps put it, whether it’s a manual or power model. 

Remember to seek help where you feel you need it. Don’t take a guess because you might end up damaging your chair. Also, an extra pair of hands will go a long way towards getting you through the disassembly process as quickly as possible. 

Whether you’re moving your recliner couch to a different room, shifting to a new place, or repairing it, these steps will help you do it like a pro. 

All the best!