Kidz World Solid Color Kids Recliner Review

This was the surprise recliner of the year for us. New name to us, average looking recliner (at first) but we had a request to review it so we decided we would give it a try, and we were blown away once we did. The chair is built in a very comfortable yet subtly durable fashion. The cushioning is soft but it’s also firm, and the materials aren’t too shabby either. Kidz World was a new company for us that we poorly misjudged in the beginning, but now we have grown to think of them as one of our favorite manufacturers of children’s recliners. If you’d like to check out this recliner, you can do so by clicking here.


Kidz World Recliner
This recliner for kids brings comfort to the seater, and brings it in a great way.


If you’ve ever read any of our previous reviews of kids recliners (or any recliners for that matter), you probably already know that comfort is the number one thing we look for and the number one predicament of how we will rate the recliner later on. Fortunately, this recliner for kids brings comfort to the seater, and brings it in a great way. Although it make look like it could use some more padding, for the kids we had reviewing it, the padding was just right; it is soft in all the right areas.


As many have noted, this is a very well built chair, and it was made to last. The frame is plenty strong so even the hardest of pressures usually won’t harm the chair, but generally you should try to preserve your recliner no matter how well it is built. This is true for all recliner, and not only the ones for kids. The material is really easy to clean, but certain things can stain the chair so try to be cautious of what items your child has access to whilst seated in their recliner. This is one of the most durable chairs we’ve reviewed and I’ve got to say, it isn’t that easy to find a recliner that does both durability and comfort so well like this recliner does.


We’ve lightly touched on the topic of padding and we’ll briefly discuss it again in more depth. We’ve had some comments saying that it looks a little rough and might hurt kids in certain places but if you ever get a chance to actually feel the recliner for yourself, you’ll see that this is absolutely not true. It’s plenty soft and plush for most kids and the last word we would describe this recliner with is hard. On the subject of padding, it might be the one “weak point” on this chair but it’s still better than average. We’ve already mentioned a few times on other reviews that we prefer leather or polyurethane leather over fabrics when choosing our recliners, but this suede-like fabric isn’t so bad on this recliner. We should also note that parents have in fact stated that this recliner was especially easy to clean because of this material, so if you’re bigger on cleaning than you are on leather, you should love this chair.


At first glance, maybe this recliner isn’t so sexy (maybe it’s the color). A lot of people don’t like the square-like features that this recliner has, however if you’ve done your research of kids’ recliners you’ve probably already noticed that most recliners for kids are this boxy and square-y. The generic color you see above isn’t that nice but thankfully Kidz World offers a wide variety of color selections to choose from including white, orange, purple, green, pink, and others. We always seem to have to come back to this point in our reviews, the design of the recliner shouldn’t matter so much. Yes, you want the recliner to look good and they do, but you maybe shouldn’t turn this recliner down just because it isn’t offered in a rainbow design. It’s better to have a recliner with a simpler or even uglier design that it is to have a recliner with the design of your choice but isn’t comfortable. Recliner Life will always believe in the motto that comfort is above all else in importance.


We love this recliner and it is one of the best on our list and one of the best available to buy. Do not underestimate this chair! We even learned a lesson with this review to not judge a recliner based on our lack of experience with its manufacturing company and/or how it looks. Kidz World put out a great chair with this recliner and we highly want to recommend this chair to you. If you’d like, view the other kids recliners we’ve reviewed and recommended.