Kidz World Solid Color Recliner Vs. Merax Kids Recliner

If you’ve read our best kids recliners list, you will know that both of these recliners came out of the bushes on us. By that we mean that these two recliners were not expected to be this impressive but they were, and this is why we had them on our list.The Merax recliner is a little bit more unorthodox than most kids recliners, so it surprised us even more than the Kidz World recliner did.

Kidz World Solid Color Kids Recliner

This is just a wonderful option for any child. The Kidz World recliner is a very fun and stylish recliner which brings the fun of being a kid and the sophistication of being an adult all into one chair. If it did some things differently, the Kidz World chair could have definitely been listen as the best recliner for kids.


  • Seems To Be Very Durable
  • Built To Last
  • Color Variety


  • Could Use More Padding In Armrests
  • Footrest Should Have Been Made Less Sticky

Merax Kids Recliner


  • Nice PU Leather Finish
  • One Of The Best Looking Kids Chairs
  • Wide Frame


  • Less Durable Than Your Average Kids Recliner
  • Less Mobile


In general, both these recliners for kids are really comfortable. We like the Kidz World chair for its cushioning and support, but we also like the Merax chair because of its materials and frame. It really does come down to which you prefer but for us, cushioning is a thing we look at very carefully. For this reason, we have to give the slight edge to the Kidz World recliner. The Merax doesn’t really lose here though, it just came down to what we prefer and cushioning was higher on our list.


Durability is something that only one of these chairs knows very well, and that’s the Kidz World chair. This thing can take a ton of hits and you would never be able to tell the difference, which is something that can’t be said about the Merax which is strange because that’s usually not the case with wide frames chairs. The PU leather is a nice touch to a recliner for kids, but this isn’t something that is appreciated by many. A few bad stains to the chair and you can say goodbye to your clean-looking chair. Kidz World takes this round.


Design is something that isn’t always important with recliners, especially those made for children. Most people would easily pick the Merax recliner over the Kidz World based purely on design, and we would too. They each look nice in their own ways, but the Merax looks more luxurious and is a chair that looks a lot like a full-size recliner. Kidz World does offer more color variety though; the Merax kids recliner only comes in two colors which is a bummer.

The Verdict

The Kidz World recliner comes out on top over the Merax recliner, and it comes as no surprise. It just has a superior build quality and level of comfort over the Merax that cannot be denied. Yes, maybe it’s competitor does look slightly more luxurious but that should be the least of your worries. For now, we have to suggest the Kidz World recliner as the better product.