Seatcraft Omega Leather Power Recliner Review

This recliner set is ridiculous, in the best way possible. It is absolutely loaded with features and it is a very comfortable seat to be sitting in. Seatcraft really outdid themselves on this project. If you’re looking for a luxurious set of chairs for your home theater, you’ve found it here. Click here to view this product.


Seatcraft Omega Home Theater Recliner Chair
Seatcraft Omega Home Theater Recliner Chair
It has ultra plush and confortable for living room.

Major Features of Seatcraft Omega Home Theater Recliner Chair


I will just get this out of the way now; everything about this set of recliners is excellent, and that starts with the comfort. If it were the case that this recliner set did not have any features whatsoever, I would still have rated it highly based on its outstanding level of comfort.


This is where Lane won most of its customers over. I have rarely seen a recliner this loaded with features. Some of the things this set offers are:

  • Powered headrest
  • Powered recline
  • Drop down table
  • USB slots
  • Outlet slots
  • Overhead lights
  • Storage

and I might even be missing some. This recliner set seriously brings a whole new meaning to luxury.


Lastly, this power recliner set totally kills it in the design department as well. It looks stunning as it performs. The leather gel offers the look and feel of genuine leather.


Get this recliner and enjoy all the movies in netflix at home. If you are looking for a three seats option, you can check Seatcraft dynasty recliner review.