Mecor Heated Recliner Review

When we first ordered this product, it was quite new to the market and we didn’t know what to expect. Turns out, after much speculation and time with the recliner, we’ve come to love it and consider it one of our favorites! Click here to check it out!


Mecor Massage Recliner Chair
Mecor Massage Recliner Chair
It has 8 point massage with a heating system. Also 5 massage modes for selection to have a full body massage from top to bottom

Major Features of Mecor Heated Recliner Chair

Swivel Rotation

The Mecor Heated Recliner lives up to its name. The first thing we did when we sat in the recliner was to test its swivel mechanism and see just how smooth the rotation was. We came to find out that the rotation was very smooth, although quite slow (but what’s the rush – you’re in a recliner). We found this feature to be quite useful when the recliner needed to be placed in positions in which you might need to look in different directions. Generally however, I’d say this mechanism is a little useless for recliners used in the traditional sense (i.e. in front of a television).


The massaging mechanism on too many recliners nowadays are far too weak. The same can’t be said for the Mecor Heated Recliner Chair. It’s difficult to describe the sensation without you actually sitting in the recliner, but we can assure you that it’s not just some boring vibration. After a long day at work, this massaging mechanism will do you and your body wonders. It has wonderful massaging in pinpoints of your back, specifically the lower back and upper legs, and settings can be adjusted. On high, you feel quite a bumpy and relaxing massage which will make you sing! When compared to the work of other manufacturers, its in the middle. You aren’t going to be getting a massage only recliner that costs thousands of dollars meant to purely massage you, you’re going to be getting a recliner which just so happens to feature a lot of other things which it does well, but maybe not as well as those who are more niche-orientated.


The heating system on this recliner works just how you’d expect it to. If you’re feeling chilly or it’s the winter, this feature is very useful. On max settings the heat can get pretty intense though even for wintertime. That might be a good thing though, if you wanted heat you’re going to get the ability to adjust according to your desires! Nobody will force you to max out the heat, so that definitely should not be on your list of worries, if you have one.


The cushioning on the Mecor Heated Recliner Chair is dependent on how you enjoy your recliners. Do you like a firmer material that positions your back in a healthy but comforting way, or do you prefer a completely soft cushion that makes you melt in your seat? If you answered yes to the first question, then this recliner might be for you. Its cushions are on the harder side and are still super comfy, but they’re not gonna have you sink in and fall asleep. Firm recliners often try to bring a feeling of perfect positioning to the spine and while some can pull it off, most fall short of our expectations. This recliner did not fall short of our expectations and had great shape.

Rocking and Reclining

If you enjoy rocking, you’re in for a treat with this recliner. It rocks very smoothly and comfortably. No squeaking or rough feeling to the back and forth rocking motion; overall one of the better rocking systems on a recliner. The only mishap we can say we had with it was that we thought the range of motion could’ve been a bit bigger/longer, but it does the job for now. As far as the reclining feature goes, that’s great too. It reclines just how you’d expect it to, but don’t expect it to be a bed for you and recline all the way horizontally because it doesn’t. It gets pretty close, but I can’t imagine myself sleeping in it too often.


Comfort is no stranger to this chair, it brings that factor into play and it demonstrates it quite well. The Mecor Heated Recliner Chair and Recliner is one comfortable recliner, and its many abilities contribute to that aspect. We’ve mentioned that the cushioning is rather firm, but not to worry because this recliner is firm in a very good way. Have you ever sat in a position in which your back and spine was positioned so perfectly that you felt like never getting up? That basically sums up what sitting in this recliner is like; firm and great positioning/aligning of the back. When you take everything into account, the firm and sloping shape, the heating, massage, etc. you can learn to appreciate the level of comfort this recliner brings that few others do.


The Mecor Heated Recliner Chair Recliner has a nice and modern design. There’s a time and a place for old-school stationary recliners (which we still enjoy), but nowadays a lot of people are switching to the more sleek, modern designs which almost always carry the new features that everyone wants.


This recliner shocked my team and I when we first brought it in for testing; we didn’t expect it to impress us much because of what we had initially read about, regular old massage (A.K.A. just vibrating for other recliners) but we truthfully enjoyed this seat a lot. It brings many new features to the table and we feel that it showcases them well. The combination of the massaging mechanism, the heating system and it’s slow yet gentle rocking and reclining makes this an awesome recliner to come home to after a busy day at the office. If you’d like to get this recliner or just check it out, click here.