Merax Kids Recliner Review

Merax to us was very similar to Kidz World because we didn’t know much about it prior to our review and we certainly didn’t expect much of it. This Merax Kids Recliner also looks like it might be one of the more expensive recliners for kids being sold but it surprisingly is one of the cheaper ones! This company isn’t well known in the recliner world and really isn’t known at all in the kids recliner world, but they did a decent job with this one. You can see this product by being directed here.

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This recliner for kids is probably the one that looks the most like it could be for grown-ups. It doesn’t have that completely square design like so many of the other kids recliners have, and it just looks very luxurious. For the price, this could be a great pickup!


Even the poorest eyes can probably assume that this is a comfortable seat and your eyes wouldn’t be deceiving you if that was the message you got. It’s a very comfortable recliner. Out of all of the kids recliners we’ve covered in our list, this one is the best suited for those who wish to take a nap in their chairs, that hopefully can paint you a picture of why we think this recliner is comfortable. What we liked in particular was the added padding to all sections of the recliner, which adds something that a lot of other recliners seem to miss out on.


This recliner does look and feel better than most of the others, but it doesn’t hold up against damage like the others do and we know how important durability is whenever shopping for your children. The leather does seem to stain and scratch easier than the fabrics do, but I guess that’s what comes with the luxurious look. Merax made a nice and stable frame for this chair at least, and your child is going to stay in place so at least you can be sure of that fact. Durability is for sure the weakest link in this chairs profile but if you and your child are careful, then you will have nothing to worry about.


We have already mentioned before how much we appreciate some good padding, so you can most likely assume how we feel about this recliner. It is padding fantastically, and we’ve finally found one of the few kids recliners which are actually plush in the armrests which we love. We also love anything leather and we’ve learned to cope with PU leather too, so that’s another thing we appreciate about this chair. Overall, these two categories are some of the biggest strengths of this recliner. The only tradeoff is one which we’ve already mentioned; the leather might be a little bit easier to scratch or stain than some other materials.


The design of this recliner is quite beautiful in our eyes and really emulates the feeling of a regular size, luxury recliner. The two colors that it comes in (dark brown and pink) are simple yet unique in their own ways and really shine in the average living room. It has a nice and curvy shape which is soothing to the eye and is a breath of fresh air in the kids recliner industry. We still can’t get over the fact that a recliner which looks so good can be sold for such a fair price!

The Verdict

If you like comfort and beauty and are willing to trade these factors for some durability, then this recliner might be perfect for you. It is currently being sold at a great price so this can be a great pickup for the right person. We really didn’t know what to think at first of this chair because of our connection (or lack of connection) with Merax, but after our intensive review we’ve realized it is one that parents should seriously consider purchasing.