Most Important Details To Pay Attention To When Shopping For Recliners

glorified chairTo you, maybe a recliner is just a glorified chair. To us, each recliner represents its own beauty in an artistic way. Before we buy recliners to review, we pay attention to just about every single little detail. The size, shape, style, functions, capabilities, color, and so on. You might not be as picky as us when looking to buy a recliner, but it’s nice to have these things in the back of your mind just in case. Here are the things we look at when shopping for recliners.


Contrary to popular belief, not every recliner is the same style. If you look here and pay attention to recliners 2 and 4, you might be able to notice the difference in style at first glance. The first recliner, elegant and thin, comes with more functionalities and a lighter feel. It has swiveling rotation and rocking, which recliner number 4 doesn’t have. You could almost say that this recliner can be placed in a location such as an office. If you pay attention to the fourth recliner however, you notice that this is a much heavier, stockier model. This chair doesn’t rock, it doesn’t swivel, and it isn’t so skinny. Nobody would even image using this as their office chair; this is a recliner suited for the living room. This recliner can support even the heavier of people, and it’s a better sleeping chair. Now you can notice that there are mainly two types of recliners; the heavy, stationary and traditional recliners and the modern, slim, multiple feature-having recliners. In order to make a final decision, you must decide which style suits your needs best.


Size goes hand in hand with style, you must decide which size is right for you. If this is a chair you’re going to use more when you have a bunch of children’s parties, then obviously you can go with a smaller style recliner. If you’re planning on using it Sunday nights with all of your 250+ pound ex-football teammates to watch the game, you might want to select a bigger recliner.


Some people want their recliners to have a whole load of capabilities like built in massaging, heating, and things of that nature. Others want just a plain recliner that features nothing but well, the ability to recline. Most people are still just looking for basic recliners but it isn’t uncommon for them to turn sides once they are made aware of the features. Again you must be aware of what your criteria is. You need to ask yourself “why do I want this recliner?”.

Materials and Cushioning

The level of importance of these things vary from person to person. In general, this is pretty high up on the list for most people. The majority of potential buyers searching for recliners are looking for leather, extra cushiony chairs. Thankfully, there are many being sold with those exact things. If you can get a chance to, you might want to feel the material for yourself and ask yourself if you would like to be feeling this material more often. Cushioning is dependent on your preference. Some like ’em soft, others rock hard, you’ll have to make that decision.


Maybe not that big of a deal to some, but to other its the deal-sealer (or deal breaker). Most of the time some people have a certain color living room and they want their recliner to fit in. It doesn’t make sense to buy a purely black recliner when all of the couches and chairs in your living room are creamy white. For this reason, people are particularly picky about the color of their recliner (or potential recliner).


You never thought this much effort would have to go into a decision as simple as picking a chair, did you? The reason we’re so detailed and picky with recliners is because we don’t want you to regret anything! Maybe the fact that you got a recliner without heating doesn’t bother you now, but you might end up hating yourself for not getting a recliner for the same price that featured heating! We’ve given you a criteria of what to look for, now it’s your turn to fill in the blanks and discover which recliner deserves your money.