Osaki OS4000TD Model Recliner Review

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In terms of comfort, this is not the strongest massage recliner, but it isn’t the worst either (in a list of the very best). You could say it may be too bulky or that perhaps there was not enough padding. Either way, it could have been a little bit better. Does that make it an uncomfortable chair by any stretch of the imagination? Absolutely not. It remains sufficiently comfortable and for most people, it’s great.

The Massage

Thankfully, what the chair lost in its slightly inferior body style & frame it more than made up for through its massaging. There is a reason why Osaki has been around for so long – they are excellent at making massaging recliners! It is a form of deep tissue massage or Shiatsu as it is often called. It is relaxing and heavenly and for that reason, this chair is one of the best on the market.


This chair is not the most aesthetically pleasing either. Perhaps you are not one to concern yourself with appearance, but perhaps you are. If this is the case, then you might prefer a recliner such as the Kahuna. This massage chair is a little bit too wide and bulky, and the beige/cream color isn’t doing it for many people. In a living room the chair might not look the best, but in a spa/extra room it would not be a problem.


  • Design Upgraded, Computer Body Scan, Zero Gravity Design, Unique Foot roller
  • Next Generation Air Massage Technology, Arm Air Massagers, Auto Recline and Leg Extension
  • Wireless Controller, Calf & Foot Massage, Lower Back Heat Therapy, Shoulder, Lumbar & Hip Squeeze
  • Full Size Easy-to-Use Remote, Auto Leg Scan, S-Track Movabel Intelligent Massage Robot, Six Unique Auto-programs
  • 6 Massage Styles, 5 Levels of Speed & Intensity, Calf Rest can be Lifted and Stretched, Auto Timer 5-30 Options

Who Is It Best For?

You could say that this chair is great for someone who is all in on massaging being the number one priority. There are a few recliners you could say offer a better massaging experience (medical breakthrough) but still, that list remains quite short.

The Verdict

Despite having a few negative attributes, this chair remains one of the better ones to purchase this year. There are a few leading the way and this chair remains on the tail end. Is it the best? No, but it is far from the opposite end of that.