Pairing Your Recliners With Other Furniture

Oftentimes, we focus so much only on recliners that we forget to think about the environment of said chair and what that entails. Really, it doesn’t matter at all how good of a recliner you have or how attractive it may be, if the surroundings are poor. You can also make a case for things other than the surrounding furniture (like the color of the walls in the room) but we won’t go into that for now.

What Kind Of Furniture Might Be Included?

You probably already know the answer to this question but if you don’t, this would basically include things like: couches, love seats, coffee tables, other recliners, etc. If you’re like most people in search of good recliner, you’re probably thinking of placing this item in the living room where it will be surrounded by other items. Obviously, we know that things such as color and shape matter. I don’t know how well a white recliner would fit into a room with all-black couches, tables, etc. (but you can try it out!) and I’d say that it’s probably not the greatest idea.

Nobody wants to have a bunch of furniture laying around that looks like it doesn’t fit in with the scenery. If you have a 20 year old couch with noticeable wear and tear next to a fancy new recliner with built in speakerphones, heating and massage, it can look rather odd. Most would rather have matching furniture, even if that means the date of creation was much older.

I probably don’t have to lecture you on this, but coloring is very important. You have to pick a theme to go with that sets a mood for someone whose seated in your living room. The most popular options are all black, brown, gray, or white, but the decision is completely up to you and you may choose to be brave and select a color like green or red.

Why Does It Even Matter?

If you have to ask this question, we will assume that you’ve never walking into a living room that was off, in regards to mood and theme. Imagine walking into a room and the couch is black, the recliner is red, and the coffee table is brown while the walls are white. Don’t you think it would look rather silly?

It’s for these reasons that we always choose to be very strategic in the decoration of our homes and living rooms. Before we even buy a single item, we go out and make sure we know what we want and what belongs where. It can surely become a tedious process but more often than not, it pays off tenfold.


We hope that by now you understand that when purchasing a recliner, one isn’t just buying a seat. You’re setting the mood for an entire room! That’s why it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into before clicking buy. Know what kind of furniture you already have and how it would look next to your desired recliner. Do you like how it looks in your mind? How do you think most of your friends would see your new living room? These are just some the questions you should ask yourself before moving forward with the plan. Perhaps you can even get the direct opinions of those who will most often see your new room!