Pulaski’s home theater recliner has been a total joy to review. This would probably even top the list of one of our better ‘regular’ recliners (see here), but because it is a theater recliner we can’t yet bring it into that discussion. Click here to view this product.

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This recliner chair made by Pulaski totally kills it in the comfort department, and really by a landslide on the rest of the competition. It’s no wonder that this recliner was listed as the best home theater recliner by amazon. It’s soft, but not too soft. You can kick way back, and enjoy whatever your watching more than you would have sitting on anything else.



Pulaski’s recliner is loaded with high-tech features you won’t see on any old recliner. This includes things like:

  • One outlet
  • Two USB ports
  • Power recline
  • Swivel tray

You can do it all in this piece of furniture, all while watching your favorite movies or TV shows.



It is not only a high-functioning recliner, but is also quite pleasing on the eyes. It’s a simple design and strays away from overcomplicating things. The most complicated thing about this recliner is its tray, which obviously is not a very big deal. There is no massaging with this chair, but that’s okay. The leather feels fabulous.