Recliner Sofa Benefits: Surprising Pros And Cons

Have you been going back and forth on whether a reclining sofa is a suitable purchase for you? There is no doubt that recliners are so comfy and will be a great addition to your household, but still, you first have to get familiar with the significant recliner pros and cons before splurging on one. 

Is a power recliner the reason why people are so obsessed with these sofas, or is it another feature that makes them so popular? Well, aside from the alluring sense of comfort, recliners are multi-purpose furniture items, can ease back pain, and have a range of other benefits. 

However, they also come with a few drawbacks you should read about to ensure that you’re making the right purchase. 

Pros Of Recliners

Are recliner sofas durable? Do they have health benefits? If you’re interested in getting a reclining sofa or chair, these are the most significant pros you have to know about:

Multiple Purposes And Features

There are so many different recliner sofas and chairs to fit most people’s lifestyles. You can pick from the tens and hundreds of brands that produce recliners, choose adult or kids categories, invest in various mechanisms, and find a design that will improve your life.

Some of the features most people look forward to are recliner sofas with massaging and heating features, cup holders, built-in power outlets, ottomans, and much more. These sofas and chairs come in various sizes so that you can find a suitable one for your child, yourself, or several members of the family. Gaming sofas and chairs are another popular category ideal for people obsessed with games. 

You don’t even have to have an actual feature in mind to get a recliner. Reclining chairs and sofas are so comfortable and soft that you’ll enjoy reading your book, watching a game, or just resting in one. They’re multi-purpose items for the entire family. 

Ergonomically Built

recliner pros and cons

Recliner sofas are built with ergonomic principles in mind. Therefore, one of the main reasons why people purchase them is because they’re not only comfortable but also provide some form of relief and relaxation.

Due to busy lifestyles, most of us spend long hours sitting at desks and uncomfortable chairs. Even if you use a standing desk in your office, chances are you feel exhausted when the day is over. Moving to a comfy, soft sofa or a recliner chair at home can be just the change you need. 

When you spend a lot of time with your feet down, it causes pressure and strain on your muscles, and a reclined position in an ergonomic sofa for at least a few minutes per day can provide relief. In addition, being in the same position for long periods of time is not recommended; therefore, you can use your desk chair or standing desk at work and a recliner in different positions at home. 

Help With Poor Circulation

As we mentioned, sitting on a chair for long hours each day can lead to swollen legs and poor circulation. Since it’s not advisable for your body to be in the same position for long periods, you can use the recliner sofa as a resting spot where you’ll elevate your legs and enjoy your free time. 

Standing for many hours can have the same negative effect as sitting. Swollen feet and leg pain are often a result of the force of gravity that can accumulate blood in your feet and cause poor functioning of your blood vessels. 

When your feet are down, your blood vessels have to put in extra work to pump the blood up, so when you sit in a reclined position, the swelling will be gone much faster. In this case, your body won’t have to put the extra force to pump blood, and your veins will get the rest they deserve. 

Healthy blood flow also helps your body fight inflammation much faster. So if you’ve been struggling with inflammatory conditions in your feet and legs, recliner sofas and chairs can speed up the recovery process. 

Ease Back Pain

Individuals that struggle with back pain can seek relief in recliner chairs and sofas. Since you can adapt the position of the chair and sofa, you can easily find the one that works best for your back. 

Power Features

Power features are another reason why recliner sofas are so popular. If you love powered devices that work with remotes and make your life easier, then you need to opt for a power recliner. Some other features that can be pretty useful include USB and charging ports, recliners with massage, recliners with heat, power headrests, etc. 

One common question we get is, “Are power reclining sofas reliable?” Yes, these sofas are not only comfy, cozy, and the best place to lounge in, but they’re also helpful for people who have difficulty getting up due to back injuries or surgeries and need the extra push.

Power reclining and raising is a feature that allows you to move the sofa position with the push of a button, so you can get into a position that relieves pain and stress and helps you relax the muscles. 

Cons Of Recliners

Although there are numerous recliner sofa benefits, there are still certain cons you should consider before making a purchase. These drawbacks might not come to mind when you first start browsing for recliners, but it’s good to know about them because they can either make or break the deal for some people. 

Limited Styles

Unfortunately, recliner sofas don’t come in as many variations as regular sofas. So if your main priority is to purchase a fashionable furniture piece that will follow the latest interior design trends, you definitely need to be looking elsewhere. 

Although recliners aren’t available in many styles, they still fit in well with most types of decor. Thankfully, most brands offer various color and material options to choose from, so you’ll easily find a hue to fulfill your wishes. In addition, these sofas are elegant, come in various sizes, and can have different types of frames.

Stationary sofas might come in a wider variety of designs; however, they aren’t equipped with the multiple features recliners have. So before you go shopping, you should decide what your biggest priority is. 

More Frequent Cleaning

Recliner Sofa Benefits: Surprising Pros And Cons

Unlike regular sofas, recliners require more frequent and detailed cleaning. This means that you’ll have to pay attention to the material the sofa is made of, how to take care of it properly, and how often to clean it. For example, if you enjoy lounging on the sofa while having your dinner, you’ll very likely have to vacuum it to take care of the crumbs, dirt, and dust.

The reclining mechanism also needs maintenance. Depending on the manufacturer, you’ll need to oil it, clean it, change bolts, etc. Most brands include maintenance instructions with the product, so you’ll know exactly what to do and how to do it. 

If there are any features like cup holders, they might gather more dust and need a more frequent or detailed clean. Keep these things in mind when buying a recliner, especially if you don’t have a lot of free time to maintain it. 

You’ll Need More Space

As you already know, reclining sofas and chairs need space if you want to lounge in a reclined position. Most of these products offer various sitting options; some even have a lay-flat feature. In other words, you can adapt the position of the backrest and the footrest to achieve your favorite resting spot. 

Before buying a recliner, measure the available space in your room and compare it to the size of the sofa or the chair. There should be extra space between the back of the sofa and the wall behind it so that you can easily recline it without hitting the wall. 

If there isn’t enough space, you might need to give up the thought of getting a recliner or find a more spacious room. 

Costlier Investment

Why is a reclining sofa more expensive than a stationary one? First of all, these sofas include multiple complex mechanisms that allow them to change positions, go up or down, etc. 

Another reason why these sofas are costlier is that they include advanced features stationary sofas don’t. Take power recliners as an example. You can efficiently operate them through a remote without even having to pull a lever. 


Are recliner chairs worth it?

There is no doubt that recliner chairs and sofas are an excellent investment because they offer much more compared to regular chairs and sofas. Aside from being snuggled in a comfy sofa, recliners are helpful for people with back pain, are ergonomically built, can help poor circulation, ease back pain, and last a very long time. 


Should a recliner sofa be your next big purchase? If you love spending your time on a comfortable sofa or chair with various features you can use, then the pros of these products outweigh the cons. First of all, most recliners come equipped with various features such as cup holders, massage, heat, etc.

Next, these are ergonomically built sofas and chairs that will support your back, ease back pain, and help with poor blood circulation. Finally, they offer a multitude of power features such as power reclining, USB ports, etc. 

The notable drawbacks such as higher price, limited styles, and frequent cleaning are familiar to most people; therefore, they rarely come as a surprise.