Recliner Reviews

We’ve reviewed so many recliners (and we’re only reviewing more) that we had to make a list. Here you’ll find the best reviews of elderly chairs,recliners, recliners for kids, massage chairs, or just regular recliners made of leather. Here are the reviews.

Traditional Recliner Reviews

  • Roundhill Furniture Brandan Recliner Review – Basically the best recliner. It’s comfy, it looks great, and can fit just about anybody. The only downside is the lack of modern features, but it’s not such a big deal.
  • Flash Furniture Plush Leather Recliner Review – A really good recliner in its own right, the Flash Furniture could seriously be compared to the Roundhill (our favorite recliner). It’s also super soft and doesn’t have features, but you’ll have to read our review to find out what we don’t like.
  • ANJ Chair Recliner – We rated this recliner very highly on our list and a lot of you were surprised. It isn’t at all similar to the other recliners, but this is one of those moments where you have to see it to believe it.
  • Acme Arcadia Recliner – This chair has a ton of reviews and we can’t figure out why it’s sold so well. It’s not that bad, but certainly it’s not one of the best; we were very surprised to find out how many reviews it has.

Modern Recliner Reviews

  • HomCom Deluxe Heated Leather Recliner Review – Everything is pretty good about this recliner and there’s a case to be made that this is the most versatile recliner. It’s soft and feature-heavy, but it could have been made a tad bigger.
  • Mecor Heated Recliner Review – Mercedes of chairs. It’s nice, modern, and comfy; very similar to the HomCom Deluxe. Maybe could be thicker and wider, but that’s up to how your prefer your chairs.
  • Dorel Living Padded Recliner Review – The first on our list whose main focus is luxury in not only the feel department, but the look as well. We enjoyed it moderately; as much as you can with a chair not made of leather. It’s good but could be better.
  • HomCom PU Leather Recliner Review – This recliner also doesn’t really look like the other chairs. It’s super puffy and that leads to nice cushioning,  but for some people that equates to a tradeoff with looks and or comfort.

Kids Recliners Reviews

  • Deluxe Heavily Padded Recliner Review – Is this the best kids recliner? Maybe, we’re not sure. It’s definitely in the discussion, but of course it depends on the demands of the buyer. For most people, it’s the perfect kids chair.
  • Flash Furniture Contemporary Recliner Review – We know Flash Furniture from our adult recliners list, and they have a pretty good reputation. Did they live up to our expectations with kids recliners? Read to find out.
  • Kidz World Solid Color Kids Recliner – A company that shocked us. The product was well above average and that’s something we just didn’t expect. Read our review to find out more about this recliner.
  • Merax Kids Recliner Review – This Merax Kids recliner looks like a chair made for grown-ups, but its not. This company made a nice chair, and if you like the look of this recliner, definitely check out our review.

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