Recliners For Different Size People

You probably already know that recliners aren’t exactly “one size fits all” and that most people need differently sized recliners for their needs. Larger people tend to want and need wider, softer recliners (more conventional) and while smaller-framed people still like these types of recliners too, many choose to go for thinner and smaller chairs.

Recliners For Big People

If you know someone that is bigger than average or you are quite big yourself, then you know that there are few things more frustrating that being too big for your chair. Nobody likes to have their feet hanging off the footrest or have their neck above the cushions, so it is important we choose carefully.

For taller and/or heavier individuals, a chair like the Flash Furniture is probably perfect for you. I would say that the most important thing for bigger people to look for is width. Usually, the most uncomfortable type of chair to sit in as a big person is the kind that you can barely fit in. A close second is the dreaded chair where your limbs or head lean off of the chair. Other good options for big people include.

Recliners For Small People

Not much can be said about “recliners for small people” because such recliners don’t really exist. Usually all recliners are said to be fine for smaller people because they can fit into most and this is a true and valid statement, but there are still some recliners that a smaller person would prefer.

Typically, the best recliners for small people are those that are more mobile and compact. We feel this way because nobody wants to feel empty space by their sides and wobble around in their seat! It’s the opposite of the most common problem for bigger people which is that there’s not enough space. Recliners like the Mecor Heated Recliner are great for short and/or skinny people. Other options include.

These are some of the better options on the spectrum of slender recliners because they provide versatility for all those who wish to be seated.

Why This Matters

In theory, I can see why it might sound foolish to care so much about finding a recliner suited for your body type. Many people would say that this is looking too far into it and that you should just look for a recliner that looks good to you and is comfortable. It wouldn’t be wrong to say this! But you do need to look more specifically when it comes to people don’t quite fit the bill of being average in terms of size.

For example, people who are taller than 6 feet and shorter than 5 feet 4 inches are classified as being either above or below average. This means that your standard recliner might not be right for them so extra research into the topic is needed which is understandable.

Believe us, the last thing you want to do is drop over $300 on a chair just to find out that you can’t fit into it or that it doesn’t go well with your body type. It is solely for this reason that we always advise people who are not average (in terms of size) to do their research and find something that is right for them.


It’s essential that you pair yourself with the right sized recliner for you and that statement becomes more and more true the bigger or smaller you are. I don’t know how often we see people return their recliners due to size difficulties, but we’re positive that it’s at least dozens weekly. Don’t be someone who has to return the product; make the right decision from the beginning!