Relaxzen Rocker Recliner With Heat & Massage Review

Believe it or not, we don’t hate tradition/big recliners. If you thought that, we understand that might be because of the number of stationary recliner we’ve reviewed, which is generally quite low. The fact of the matter is that people just don’t make these recliners like they used to and there aren’t as many of them out there. The people who used to manufacture them have now moved on to modern recliners because that is what all the rave is about nowadays. This Relaxzen, along with a few other recliners are some of the last stationary/classic recliners that can compete with the new stuff coming out.


Relaxzen Rocker Recliner With Heat and; Massage
Relaxzen Rocker Recliner Chair
The Relaxzen looks like the seat of the king, and sitting in it sometimes makes you feel like one.

Major Features of Relaxzen Rocker Recliner Chair

Swivel Rotation

If you were looking for a big recliner like this to have swivelling capabilities, you’re going to be disappointed. It is extremely rare to find a recliner like this to have a feature such as this one because that is not what they are traditionally used for. Not to mention that a swivel base just wouldn’t look right on this chair.


Sometimes, the older stuff has to keep up with the new. Relaxzen did include a massage system with this model which a lot of people might have not seen coming. Typically only “spaceship” recliners have things like heating and massage, but the mold has been broken with the recliner you see before you. If you compare a recliner like to what Flash Furniture has put out, this chair would absolutely crush it in a comparison because of the things it has that the other does not. As far as how good the massage is, well that is subjective and up for debate. We liked it enough to think of it as better than most. It is described to have eight powerful vibration motors.


Once again this recliner outdoes itself and brings a surprise by including something that nobody would expect. Even if Relaxzen didn’t include heating and massage we would still think of this model as a good recliner, but they went the extra mile to satisfy us and ensure their position in the top ten. Relaxzen’s heating is good and just for the simple fact that it is included, the chair receives extra points from us.


This is where most chairs of this type win. Because they usually are lacking in other departments, big recliners have to make up for it by being extra cushiony and soft. Fortunately this recliner has the best of both worlds! It is extremely soft, and the marbled leather is unlike any other. The armrests feel very plush and are at a perfect height. Not much is left to say about the cushioning of the Relaxzen recliner other than that it is very soft and comfortable.

Rocking and Reclining

You might ask, this recliner rocks too? Yes, it does rock. This is one of the very few chairs on our list that nails just about every feature at an average or above average level, and for that reason it made our list. It reclines fully, and there have been complaints that it is difficult to “un-recline”. It isn’t something we paid particular attention too and noticed at first, but thinking back on it we must admit that it is more difficult to do so than on your typical chair.


Comfort is the Relaxzen’s middle name. A nice and subtle warmth on your back, while gently being massaged at the full reclining extension and the great feel of a marbled leather finish on your skin; there’s no feeling quite like it. The Relaxzen is right up there with the HomCom’s and Flash Furniture’s of the world if we’re talking about strictly comfort, and that’s what is usually most important when you want to relax while practicing your guitar . At the great price it is currently listed at, we don’t know many recliners better than this.


The Relaxzen looks like the seat of the king, and sitting in it sometimes makes you feel like one. It is designed for even the biggest people which means average sized people will slide into it just fine. The marbled leather looks even better in person and the shape is the first thing you notice when walking into the room. In actuality, we’re glad that swiveling was left out of this model because the base on its bottom would take away from its general attractiveness. The recliner was designed to look how it feels and the chair feels great.


Relaxzen is widely known around the world because they pay attention to details. It’s true that it is the small things that count. It would have been much cheaper for Relaxzen to sell this rocker recliner without heating or massage and still generate many sales, but they chose to pay attention to the details and we love that. This recliner is one of the best being sold currently and that shows in its build.