Roundhill Bonded Leather Recliner Vs. Divano Roma Recliner

Roundhill Bonder Leather Recliner and Divano Roma Recliner are are very similar, so they are perfect to compare. Both are made with soft, bonded leather and both are trying to compete for the title of best leather recliner, but clearly only one can come out as the superior recliner. When we visited these recliners earlier, the Roundhill impressed us more and this is still true today, and even though the Divano Roma recliner was impressive in its own respect, it just isn’t on that level yet.

Roundhill Bonded Leather Recliner

roundhill furniture recliner chairMake no mistake about it, this Roundhill recliner is quite possibly the best leather recliner we’ve ever seen and it’s not only an unfair comparison with the Divano Roma, it’s basically going to be unfair to compare this recliner to just about any other chair. That should give you a hint about how highly we think of this recliner.


  • One Of The Softest Recliners We’ve Every Felt
  • Wide Frame Makes It Good For Anyone
  • Premium Materials
  • Built To Last


Divano Roma Bonded Leather Recliner

divano recliner chairWe liked this recliner and its effort. In comparison to the Roundhill leather recliner, this chair is cute at best. It’s a good starter chair/recliner for those who aren’t looking for something too fancy. It’s quite similar to some of the other recliners and we’ve mentioned, but it didn’t make our list although it wasn’t an easy decision to make.


  • Nice Leather Feel
  • Plush Armrests
  • Rocking Included


  • Lack Of Real Features
  • Positioning Can Make You Sore
  • Less Soft Than Expected
  • Cheaper Feel

Swivelling, Rocking, and Reclining

Neither the Divano Roma nor the Roundhill Swivel, but both will rock and/or recline for you. It’s hard to really differentiate between a good recline and a bad one, but there usually are a few subtle tells. For example, a better reclining mechanism will mean that it is easy to pull up the footrest, it is easy to close the footrest, and that the footrest itself is properly padded. When taking these things into account, the Roundhill edges out the Divano Roma because of its extra footrest padding. Rocking is more or less done on the same level for each of these recliners.

Massage and Heating

If you want a chair that will massage and/or heat you, neither of these will do that for you (we suggest taking a look at our list). For this reason, neither recliner can be granted a victory which means this category results in a draw.

Cushioning and Comfort

The Roundhill Recliner is by far light years ahead of the Divano Roma in the departments of both cushioning and comfort. You might think to yourself that they look nearly the same in the images, but the true results will come with a sitting test. While the Divano Roma does supply exceptional armrest padding, the Roundhill takes that padding and has it all over its body. The shape of the backrest is out of this world and will position your back in a very relaxing yet healthy way. Meanwhile, the Divano Roma still maintains a satisfactory level of comfort, but it is not in the same league as the Roundhill recliner.


This is a tough category to decide a winner in because both chairs are great looking. We have to give a slight edge to the Divano Roma for one reason and one reason only. The Divano Roma provided color variation between black and brown while with the Roundhill recliner only comes in brown, although that might change over time.

The Verdict

This wasn’t as hard of a comparison as most are because of how great one of the recliners is (the Roundhill). There’s no denying the level of comfort that the Divano Roma brings to the table, but rest assured that this recliner will do you wonders and we can’t recommend it enough. It is hands down, so comfortable and one of the best recliners we’ve ever seen.