Roundhill Furniture Bonded Leather Recliner

This is truthfully one outstanding luxury recliner. If leather is your game, then the Roundhill will show up and satisfy you in a way like no other. We initially hadn’t heard much of this recliner; we couldn’t find somebody who had it to give us a taste. We decided to get one for ourselves, and boy are we glad we made that decision. The recliner made by Roundhill made a lasting impression on us and we will continue to look out for more recliners made by this company because they really seem to excel at what they do. To check out this recliner, click here. You can also check out our best recliners list by clicking the link.


Roundhill Furniture Recliner
If what you are looking for is just a leather recliner that’s very comfortable, then this one is for you.

Swivel Rotation

The Roundhill recliner with bonded leather does not feature swivelling rotation and in fact does not feature many of the newer things as it is a traditional recliner, but we list above many of them because of how comfortable it is. Swivelling obviously couldn’t have been added to a recliner as wide as this one but it is not a problem because this isn’t something that would be expected of a recliner like this.


Massaging was not a feature that would be added to this recliner. Once again, this wasn’t a problem because the seat itself was massage enough for us.


You guessed it – heating is off the list as well.


Speaking strictly of cushioning, this recliner has some of the best we’ve ever seen in any year; that’s how strongly we feel about this recliner. It is so cushiony and soft that it just blows the seater away and puts them in a deep, relaxed mood. Armrests, footrests, back; they’re all cushioned perfectly and in such an eloquent way that you will be completely immersed in the seating experience. With this recliner, sitting is no longer a normal thing, it becomes a luxury.

Rocking and Reclining

This recliner both rocks and reclines. Usually, we aren’t too upset if a recliner like this doesn’t include rocking because sometimes it just doesn’t work out with the design of the chair, but we’re so glad that they chose to include rocking in this Roundhill model because it goes perfectly with the cushioning to make for an amazing recliner experience. Reclining is easy and you don’t have to exhaust too much effort to pull out or put back in the footrest. Speaking of the footrest itself, it’s soft just like the rest of the body of the Roundhill recliner and will make your legs feel fantastic.


If what you are looking for is just a leather recliner that’s very comfortable, then this is one you might want to pick up. Comfort is the one thing that this recliner provides, and it excels at it so well. It’s soft, it rocks, and it’s made of bonded leather. What more could you ask for in a traditional recliner? With just the idea of comfort in mind, this might be one of the best recliners we’ve ever seen.


They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder; well then most beholders must have similar taste because everyone seems to love how this recliner looks. Some recliners are comfortable but look weird (or vice versa), but this isn’t one of those recliners. It’s not only soft when you sit in it, but just when you look at it’s design you are drawn to sit in the recliner. It is designed to have a wide frame in order for a broader range of people can sit in it, and also to make it more durable. This just adds to the overall look and feel of the recliner to make it even better than it already was.


Our overall impressions of this recliner are that it is a great leather recliner for those just searching for a comfortable, simple, and luxurious recliner. It not only feels great, but it looks beautiful and we couldn’t recommend this recliner enough. As we’ve mentioned in our introduction paragraph, we previously had little experience with Roundhill furniture but after this encounter, we’ll definitely keep looking out for more.